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  1. Ah I see, my browser is missing allot of posts for some reason, Firefox memory leaks I guess T.T sorry about that, my previous post goes to the guy that called you names then. I really do hope I can just pilot my ship indefinitely though, not looking forward to it if I have to leave it in the hanger because of bills alone, I'd understand if it was because I was being reckless with my ship though.
  2. Bit harsh there, I see that you are being a bit of a grump over a simple & friendly debate, and speculating just as much as we are, being a hypocrite in the process, & not really keeping it together, but we can put up with that. There's probably some confusion from your English, but hey.. I think you need to take a break, maybe do some pushups, eat some mixed veg & chicken, maybe some chocolate, it'll cheer you up to no end! Anyway.. One can only assume that they'd try their best to have a stable economy (hence all the economy test games they're doing, lots of information on that on their YouTube), they won't put they're players (regardless of how they got their ship) through a situation where they're all struggling to even pay for basic bills. Everyone's heard Chris say countless times that the insurance/other-bills is/are just a small cash sink depending on which kind of insurance/bill your willing to pay for; which means you have allot of control of how much risk your putting yourself through & how much money you make out of it. Just little micromanagement mini games thrown in there, for a bit of extra fun & immersion. Simple really: -You can make big cash with high risk = Maybe lose your ship and mooch off of others. -Micromanage your basic bills & which zones you go into = make a solid cash flow (albeit a slow one; that you can speed up with a bit of extra 'work') (LTI is just a small simplification tool in a sea of micromanagement) The only time you need to mooch off of other players and work in their ships is when you need to pay your bills if you've blown your ship up without insurance or something risky/careless like that, or if you just want to work in other peoples ships and have a safe cash flow reguardless. If EVERYONE had to mooch all the time due to the minor fuel/tax/insurance/etc, the economy would stagnate/die. Quests, piracy, transport & more, there'd be no point if you didn't make money. & lots of it.
  3. You realize how game breaking it would be if the system was designed to make everyone poor regardless of how much effort they put into making money?
  4. It's a convenient trinket for the dedicated few that bought ships when the game was a fledgling. Minor or major; it's not really a point of debate, seeing as 'minor' is exactly what the devs define it as. Regardless: Nothing as petty as "cheaper insurance/taxes/tolls/etc" should ever change the decision as to whether you get a ship or not; that's not what anyone wants... At all; you get the ship you need, and use it regardless of the petty things, so long as you make a profit and/or have fun, and so on. Whether you have an LTI ship or not, you're still going to upgrade/sidegrade/change-ship/switch-between-on-a-daily-basis at some point, that's one of the big selling points of this game; that you can get as many different ships as you like, one for shopping & one for shooting, etc. and NOT because; "This one has cheaper insurance so it's my favorite" it's always something like; "This one nails the Vandull & this one always gets the cargo home" or "this one looks sick with it's engines on full throttle" etc..
  5. Are you kidding me?... -.- LTI is a minor convenience... Woopie; an extra few pennies for insurance... How bank breaking! >< The ships we get are going to be replaced somewhere down the line anyway, unless you get a fighter or a big-ass ship, but the majority of the craft for sale are just starter packs; to get you off the ground running.
  6. @Aleaf: What role would a gunboat have in this? Is it a sort of support vessel that does ok damage but doesn't really want to be shot? Like the one in "Apocalypse Now"?
  7. Roberts also denied the existence of the Lancer-MAX variant in the PAX reveal, I paraphrase; "Where have you heard this? We never mentioned that.", although I couldn't tell if he was being snarky. >< I don't see why they would pre-load the variants into game files; pretty much have them completely finished & ready in Cry-engine, & then not bother. Maybe they thought they made a mistake for some reason, or felt they needed to leave them alone for a while. They know we all know about it, and that we really, really want the Lancer-MAX, and given that CiG love to listen to their fans & users, I really do hope they let me have my beloved Lancer-MAX, it's in the Goldilocks price range for me & I really want a hauler. I would of gotten the Starfarer but it costed way too much & I'll prolly be saving in game credits up for something BIGGER! Side note: Lancer-MAX could be converted into an even better explorer than the other variant, more space for more fuel and what not, that in tandem with the massive cash from hauling = I will have lots to do... Not sure how good the lancer would be in a fight though. ><
  8. Yeah I imagine if your passing into dangerous zones, or have high risk cargo, etc; you would want an escort. But in terms of being organised; I think a more realistic scenario would be to alert Imperium combat ops on contact with hostiles, so then at least it would be more cost effective and time saving. And if backup comes too late, then I guess they can still avenge what's left of said hauler/other & recover what remains. :3
  9. I really want the MAX version! And I think they all look MORE than good enough... I suppose this quote applies here to some degree; "To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there's no such thing as perfect." :3 Ships like the FreeLancers serve a purpose, look the part, and are the fastest, cheapest, smallest, big-haulers that exist! >< As soon as I checked the list of ships, I thought to my self: Well I don't want to buy a small slick looking ship, because then I'll be like "I wish I got a bigger ship", and I don't want to buy a gigantic ship, and be like "Well there goes my money on something I could get later on anyway" also, do you know how long it takes to hoover a ship so big? A middle end ship, good enough to hold allot, shoot enough, and move fast enough, and with the FreeLancer also being the smallest, cheapest ship to have Darkmatter running through it's vents, and have built in Jumping doodads... It's the perfect ship for me! ~ Also, I agree on the chin-boobs, what were they thinking... I recon a chin-phallus is much more suiting, that being said; many'a craft have 'familiar' shapes to them, nothing to be ashamed of. ^^
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