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  1. We upgraded our Flyer again...I can't help myself...Do what you love!!!
  2. Just wanted to toss this here...The 9th is hosting a giveaway and anyone who is a backer can join so I wanted to give Imperium and this community a heads up! JUST CLINK ON THE BANNER BELOW TO GO THE RSI PAGE
  3. Best summary of the ACC. We are a group of small like minded orgs that are focused on creating an active and engaged community. Hence our line "Community First"
  4. The ACC is only similar to PACT in that we are a Meta group. We are community focused. We recruit small orgs 200 or less members and we all work to grow together. We focus on all the members a whole by hosting events, contest, tournaments, and game nights. Everything the board works towards is keeping the members active and engaged. I am a board member with the ACC and posted the thread so others can see what we are about.
  5. We finally finished all our Fleets and Detachments!! Also we just launched our first Tournament for all our allies!! http://www.9thsecuritygroup.com/9thtournament/
  6. Just updated our marketing material......We have been growing and with that comes more talent so shout out to our marketing guy HardyHero.
  7. good to know thanks. I will make it a point to not accept any application that have Imperium as their primary organization. Thanks,
  8. I am here to be apart of the community, I dont know the Imperium COC. I know the 9th has ALLOT ships and we could use pilots and crew. If you want to join as an affiliate to get a change of pace now and then then, I fine with that as long at it does not violate and Imperium rules.
  9. If you are in an Organization already you can join as a affiliate...We will always need crew a pilots. RSI Recruitment Page: CLICK HERE
  11. Anyway the admin could unlock this post so people can post replies? Thanks see you in the Verse.
  12. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/9THGHOST 9th Ghost Legion is a company of 9th Infantry Gaming 9th Infantry Gaming Est. 1998 9th Infantry Gaming is a multi game community that has been putting boots on the ground for over 15 years. Each game we support has its own leadership concentrated strictly on that game to insure our servers and members have the best gaming experience. At the 9th we keep drama out of our ranks. We offer many fleet options so if you want to be a bounty hunter or a military commander we will work with you to make that happen. At the 9th we encourage competition and do regular fleet tournaments with ship rewards. www.9thinfantrygaming.com The 9th Ghost Legion along with 9th Infantry Gaming is an established organization with a growing fleet of over 200 ships. If you prove a loyal and competent pilot, a ship will be yours. JOIN THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!! RECRUITMENT VIDEO BELOW!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KglEHeS0bNQ
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