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    Just a Excited Fan From Australia
  • Birthday 05/17/1996

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    Soccer (Football), Tennis, Basketball, UFC, Rocky III, Getting Super Excited about PC Related Tech and Games, When Developers actually make a Decent Game, Spaghetti, Meatballs, Knee's Weak, Mom's Spaghetti, Samsung

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. SnIpEdUn0oB555


      Thank You!


  2. Greetings Everyone Some of you may remember me when i first joined this organisation a few years ago, but I have been busy with my 3rd year University studies, and so I went into hibernation for a long time. My schedule has been freed up somewhat, albeit 1-2 days a week. So I've decided to re-purchase and build my own rig, reconnect with my fellow forum colleagues. Of course, it will be a while, an estimate of 2 or 3 months depending on my ability to put together a PC while focusing on my rigorous studies. I hope the community understands and the overall staff of this organisation. Hope to be of service to the Imperium organisation soon! Thank You
  3. never mind found it
  4. does anyone have a link to the original video of this?
  5. Necro? Have I been too long away and missed some important meaning of this word?
  6. R.I.P My GTX 660
  7. Somewhere out there, Chewbacca is playing a game of Dejarik with C-3PO aboard the Millennium Falcon.
  8. how the hell do you guys use Shadow Play on Star Citizen. The Game doesn't even show up in optimization
  9. At First, all I bought was the Aurora Package. Then came the Avenger, melted it for credits and bought a Cutlass. Then bought the Hornet and a Freelancer with the Max Upgrade. I've bought 3 Game packages, and have melted one standalone ship. So far I've spent $450.00 Australian dollars on Star Citizen. Hope my Misses never finds outs hehe
  10. I never thought about that. Probally whens it evening here in Aus its Morning over in USA and Germany and such.
  11. Is anyone else in Australia having Problems finding matches these days? What about the rest of the world, anyone have to Repeatedly Find a match, join, "waiting for 1 player" no one joins, leave, and find another match with same results. I've done everything, reset my modem, internet, I even bought a $30 Cat 6 Cable. Still no Results. I can't find a single match. Is it the same for everyone around the world etc. or just Australia?? Am I doomed to play drone sim for the rest of my life?!? Ps I haven't been on in Ages because of Work so I have all the updates.
  12. Great Videos, I don't see much people using the Oculus rift these days on twitch. Also, +1 for your music! Totally loving it. You wouldn't have a playlist or link I could perhaps download for your songs that you use??
  13. So Hyped. I've been waiting months for that Asteroid Hangar. I hope they release it sometime soon, Only Reason I bought s Cutlass. That and the Cutlass has mad Physique
  14. Definitely Agree. Another Year @Wyvyrias, Another Year