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  1. Game Day (3.0?) July 29th

    I'm also interested in this, though I resume my 2nd year uni tomorrow. Hopefully won't be too inundated with essays/assignments and such. Might have to buy a mic though, would love to interact with my organisation
  2. My Rig is Finished (Pics Included)

    Finally finished. Everything plugged in and set up. Fan speeds were finely tuned and I'm happy with the results. Got the whole RGB thing going, so I can fit in with the cool kids 😁. Yes, that is a G600 MMO Mouse from my Star Wars the Old Republic early days, found it at the bottom of old hardware boxes in the garage (works like a charm still after all these years). Just in time for 3.0. Also, does anyone know how I can get back to Imperium team speak? Is there a link within the forums? Here's some pics and specs: -I5-7600k unlocked ( would have wished to overclock - but too scared to take the plunge ) -Asus Strix B250h mobo ( besides, i don't think this supports OCing ) -Kingston 2133 8gb Ram (nothing fancy) -Intel m.2 ssd 128gb -Western Digital 2tb blue 7200rpm (i think) -H55 AiO ( yes i know, but this is great for a novice like me for the first time) -Cooler Master CX 550m bronze 80+ semi modular -2x cooler master jet flo 120mm fans (options of quiet/max performance 3pin adapters) -Cooler masterbox lite 5 case with 1x 120mm pre-installed fan. -Monitor is a asus 23.6" led 5ms 1920x1080 -Keyboard is from the cooler master masterkey s lite until i get my hands on a red mech kb -Any questions feel free to ask! 😁 Ps. Im looking forward to my next build!
  3. Aussie PC website builds? Shipping, Door Delivery? Do they Exist?

    Update here: everything has been chosen and selected. Visited a store about 1 hour drive from my house. Good price and just stopped short of my budget. Actuallly saved a few hundred dollars. Just need to put it together and run OS before 3.0 drops 😁 thanks to everyone for the recommendations and support. See you in the verse! Ps. The extra money will go towards a better kb/mouse and a few more gigs. Parts list: HDD: Wd 2tb 3.5 sata blue RAM: Kingston 8gb ddr4 2133 dimm CPU: Intel core i5-7600k 3.8ghz Graphics Card: Gigabyte gaming 3gb gtx 1060 Motherboard: Asus strix b250h gaming mobo SSD Storage (OS) Intel 128 gb m.2 ssd Corsair cx 550m 550w 80+ bronze psu Case fans: Coolermaster jetflo 120mm ×2 Cpu Cooling: Corsair h55 liqiud cooling kit Case: Cooler master masterbox lite
  4. Aussie PC website builds? Shipping, Door Delivery? Do they Exist?

    Sounds good. Yes, though I know pccasegear is pick up only in Victoria haha. I'll check out where Mwave is, would love to pick up rather then wait, definitely a great option. How would you base your experience with Mwave? Sorry for late reply, just came home now.
  5. Aussie PC website builds? Shipping, Door Delivery? Do they Exist?

    Great Recommendation, although again, I don't have the time to put together a build for me
  6. Hey everyone, I mentioned earlier that I will be somewhat returning to get involved with this community, and that time has come sooner then expected. I've scrapped together $2500 Australian Dollars to push myself back into the PC community. Does anyone from Sydney etc. Melbourne know of a good PC website that can sell, insure and deliver finished builds? Anyone with any information is very welcome. My uni schedule requires a 5 day full-time timetable, so I'm not really free for putting together a build. Anyone with great recommendations within Australia, or outside (has to be free shipping and tax ) on some PC websites is welcome. PS. the builds need to come with insurance, great communication between buyer/seller and preferably new builds (second-hands are cool, but just my preference). PS. No more Star Citizen 10fps on a Mac lolol Thank You!
  7. Happy Birthday!

    1. SnIpEdUn0oB555


      Thank You!


  8. Blast from the Past

    Greetings Everyone Some of you may remember me when i first joined this organisation a few years ago, but I have been busy with my 3rd year University studies, and so I went into hibernation for a long time. My schedule has been freed up somewhat, albeit 1-2 days a week. So I've decided to re-purchase and build my own rig, reconnect with my fellow forum colleagues. Of course, it will be a while, an estimate of 2 or 3 months depending on my ability to put together a PC while focusing on my rigorous studies. I hope the community understands and the overall staff of this organisation. Hope to be of service to the Imperium organisation soon! Thank You
  9. E3 Capital Ship Video Dissection

    never mind found it
  10. E3 Capital Ship Video Dissection

    does anyone have a link to the original video of this?
  11. Gif of Mining Drones

    Necro? Have I been too long away and missed some important meaning of this word?
  12. Gif of Mining Drones

    R.I.P My GTX 660
  13. Photos of space

    Somewhere out there, Chewbacca is playing a game of Dejarik with C-3PO aboard the Millennium Falcon.
  14. What fps counter do you use for SC?

    how the hell do you guys use Shadow Play on Star Citizen. The Game doesn't even show up in optimization