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  1. Thanks for the help all I've closed it off.
  2. Cheers! Just need to populate some data it doesn't matter what college or university people got to it meant to be open ended to collect a good range of responses to see what alumni experience after their education.
  3. Hi people, I need some help to pull my ass from a fire. If you have 5 minutes can you take some time to fill out this short survey. Cheers. ****Update**** Thanks to everyone who took the time to help me. Cheers,
  4.  Yes that is me.

    1. Gallitin


      Yeah, figured out now :)

    2. Felix Jongleur

      Felix Jongleur

      Felix was taken in game by an NPC so I couldn't have my full name. Hakima is my farming alt. Right now Didier is my main but the Samurai or Blader that is coming might become my new playable.


      Musa class in action! Coming to BDO on April 20th!
      God damn I'll be on Vacation when the new class launches in another country :(
      Oh well I'll get to enjoy it when I get back.

  5. I'm waiting till 2015 to buy when open the actual beta Starts where they won't be doing any reset of accounts. Waiting till then because at that point the game is pretty much locked in graphically.
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