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  1. Man, The SC presentation at Gamescom was sooooooo good, my SC juice's are flowing again o7

    Flt safe pilots! :)

  2. Afternoon pilots, just thought I would add another post after I said previously that all was grt when I purchased ESO key from G2A... ...Everything was fine, all work grt until, I received an email from ESO support last week, stating I purchased a cloned game key and that they awre of these sites selling illegal keys and that they are suspending my account until I purchase a legit key and that I should try and get my money back....pfft well good luck with that! Anyways it was my fault, just be careful out there when purchasing a game key. Its a bit naughty that ESO could not detect the code as a clone when I first registered, cus at least I may of been able to do something about it straight away not weeks later....anyways its a minefield out there some are fine and some aint, just thought I would give pilots the heads up. Fly safe pilots!
  3. Ive used G2A for the cheap purchase of City Skylines and Elder Scroll Online, both very quick transactions via PayPal and both worked fine. For me G2A is a grt site A++ Fly safe pilots!
  4. Fractured Space 5 vs 5 IMP Clan anyone?.....enroll today https://www.fracturedspace.com/ or purchase through Steam, see you in the verse!

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    2. Gunboat_Diplomat


      I would be up for that but has a lobby been added?

    3. Khad Rogo

      Khad Rogo

      aye Gunboat a lobby has been added yh but u cant join as a party yet, but if u find yr in the wrong side u can f4 to change before start

    4. Khad Rogo

      Khad Rogo

      Ill be online most of the weekend, give us a Steam PM and were take the might of Imperium to the verse

  5. Loving Fractured Space right now, myself and son (both IMP members are now fully engrossed all things FS. Anyone up for TS clan give me a shout! same name in Steam Khad Rogo. See you in the verse Commanders!
  6. Space the final frontier.....

  7. Aye 2 or 5, i think are suitable. fly safe pilots!
  8. Well for me it was frigging amazing! the more SC I can ingest to feed my habit the better....Bring it on!! Fly safe pilots!
  9. Aye totally agree, even though they all look great, 3 just has the edge. fly safe pilots!
  10. LOL this is me just back from Aberdeen.....and I saw your post @stefmarster of my piccee at work in Malayasia on your computer while booting up SC AC......love it!!! Stay safe pilot!
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