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  1. When the game goes live, I foresee myself eventually settling down on a planet that I fall in love with during my exploration, in an attempt to establish the Rally Point Bar. It will feature a companion fiction, and will hopefully turn into something quite spectacular as I improve my cinematography. While thinking of various settings for my stories to take place in, I thought of a new type of ship to fulfill an as-yet empty niche; other than building outposts with a Pioneer, there is no way to quickly deploy ground fortifications. Rather than build a static defensive structure, mobile forces would need to pack up and move while maintaining their ability to defend themselves for attack. The Anvil Aerospace "Rampart" will fulfill the role of "mobile ground fortification" in a number of unique ways. I am no artist, so I can't provide a visual representation but I will do my best to describe it. The Rampart has two flight modes- SCM and HOV. SCM speed is used to transport the Rampart, and in this mode has limited defenses. Once it gets near the ground, it can deploy into HOV mode which deploys AI-controlled turrets along its flanks and belly. Provided the ground under it can support it, the Rampart can anchor itself with landing gear. With its engines disabled, the Rampart can shunt power into the weapons and shields to better support troops on the ground. When it's anchored to the ground, it acts like a small and feature-light outpost. Up to 16 soldiers can sleep in its barracks, though the ship only has eight manned seats- one for each turret, plus the pilot and co-pilot. This would be sufficient to serve as a homebase for small player groups, and allow for larger orgs to maintain squad cohesion. I see it as a merger between a Terrapin and a Hammerhead- A rugged and durable zone of exclusion. Hostile infantry won't be able to penetrate its starship-grade shield with small arms, and the small turret size will allow it to slaughter light vehicles that encroach too close. It is countered by anything that would counter other structures- siege scenarios where the shields are pounded from afar. The Rampart will not be able to fend off air attacks easily, meaning fighter escort and clever placement is essential. Just some brain candy that I thought I'd share. I think we all have things we would love to see in-game, even if the chances are less than zero. Tl;dr is that the Rampart would be a cost-effective way for groups of players to get a first home base, or larger orgs to have well-defended ground squad housing. In HOV mode, it can travel with ground forces at slower speeds to provide fire support.
  2. Upgrading to 32GB won't hurt, particularly if you multitask across multiple monitors.
  3. Just saying, Star Trek Online is pretty fun and is about to receive its fourth major expansion, this one focused on Deep Space Nine Happy to play with anybody here, new or veteran.
  4. I have been working on a joint written/video series fanfiction, following the adventures of my in-game character and his family. The written portion will expand on the character's backstory, and help develop the characters that appear on screen. So far, Chapter 1 is nearly ready to release (I said this about two weeks ago, then completely scrapped the chapter and started over) and after that is out in the wild, I will release Episode 2 of the Alpha Files, which is meant to be a 'dry run' of sorts, while I develop my skills as a cinematographer. It's considered unofficial, or non-canon in terms of the fanfiction narrative. Anyway, here is the first episode of the Alpha Files. You can find my promo video for the Rally Point (as the project will be titled) on my YouTube channel.
  5. azile0

    Patriot's Bar

    Luckily, bars were confirmed with CIG's planned outposts. Even if it's not an "official" bar, I could probably customize a habitation unit to serve that purpose. The crux of the facility will be its Repair, Refuel and Rearm service for ships moving towards and away from the Vanduul.
  6. azile0

    Patriot's Bar

    I am writing a whole backstory for the bar, as it ties into my first SC character pretty heavily. Who knows what will happen to the narrative if the character dies
  7. azile0

    Patriot's Bar

    Something I've been interested in is establishing a frontier bar nearby the border of UEE/Vanduul space, giving players an area to interact with other players and NPCs, find missions and crew for raids into hostile territory. I would see myself as more of a CEO, spending my time coordinating supplies, courting mercenaries and other such administrative work. I like the idea of Vanduul NPCs gradually targeting my establishment with greater frequency as it becomes a more successful rally point. I dream of having it get to be so powerful and lucrative that I need to invest in more defenses or expansion, such as Nova Tonks and air defense towers. If I do establish my own little corner of law and order in a galaxy of chaos, Imperium members get half off drinks
  8. Already melted I bought a base Freelancer, and I have $290 in store credit for the next sale. Presently my fleet contains: Super Hornet Cutlass Blue Freelancer Dragonfly Black I'll have to consider future purchases carefully
  9. I'm honestly considering melting my Carrack and picking up a Freelancer DUR, and having the $290 to spend on other ships as I need them- the Starfarer is usually around $300 and I foresee myself needing one of those. I guess I just have anxiety about having $400 tied into one ship when I feel I could do better by breaking it into two ships- the DUR may not be top of the line, but I could certainly achieve the same 'explore with friends' feeling that I was going for. Being able to get an extra fighter, or even the Starfarer feels like it would be a better value. What do you all think?
  10. azile0


    I have a F7C that I was looking at melting to upgrade to a F7C-M. After that lengthy explanation post, I am considering it very highly. I do have an issue with the Hornet cockpit in that I can't really read it that well. If there are any more experienced Hornet pilots who want to show me around, I would love some practice. I need to sharpen my dogfighting skills in SC.
  11. So I've been rocking an okay joystick for a while, a Logitech Extreme 3D. It works well enough in Freespace 2, but in SC it's not precise enough and I can't aim well at all. I've moved to a mouse and keyboard setup since, and have drastically improved my combat aim. My question is if a better joystick might yield better results? I see people mentioning HOTAS controllers and dual stick controllers as options and was looking for feedback from the community.
  12. Thank you for the welcome! I'm excited to be getting back into the game, it's been a blast to dogfight pirates.
  13. Hey folks, I've been out and away since 2014. Heard rumblings about 3.0 being on the horizon, so I've dived back in. A bit about me- I'm a Golden Ticket holder, with an Arbiter package (back from way back when). It's given me an Origin 325a with LTI, which I absolutely adore. I am also looking at acquiring a larger vessel for future group play, including a Carrack and/or Banu Merchantman. Looking forward to being more involved in Imperium, and Star Citizen in general! I don't know if I need to re-apply as I was previously interviewed and accepted, but I'll start reaching out to the relevant people. Edit: accidental double post, if a mod could please delete one!
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