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    Beaubeau reacted to Vampier in SC developer Mark Skeltons needs help   
    Yay 'murica and your insane medical system..
    Looks like resident Gold Shirt, Mark Skeltons daughter has had a accident and pretty badly injured herself. While they have the insurance, their are still costs that are uninsured it seems and it looks like Mark may need some financial help to cover the costs... 
    Proof if its needed, via Cherie Hiedbergs twitter.
    And a post in a reddit thread by Ben Lesnick
    Apparently something may go up on the forums or elsewhere about this later from Mark.
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    Beaubeau got a reaction from Boogieman in Boogieman Checking In   
    Hi @Boogieman .
    Welcome to the base, John.
    There are LOTS of capital ships in the fleet requiring dedicated crewmembers such as yourself. You're going to be very much in demand.
    Best regards.
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    Beaubeau got a reaction from Basard in VAT coming to European purchases coming Feb. 1st-Limited Sale on Jan. 26th   
    Bravo sir ! Most considerate and kind of you.
    Respects and regards.
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    Beaubeau got a reaction from Basard in VAT coming to European purchases coming Feb. 1st-Limited Sale on Jan. 26th   
    Bravo sir ! Most considerate and kind of you.
    Respects and regards.
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    Beaubeau reacted to MrXleader in Hello to all members :)   
    Thanks Beau!
    Great to be here. I know it isn't perfect,but i would still like something more powerfull,especially as all the games req's are getting higher.
    See you in the 'verse dude.
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    Beaubeau reacted to Rancid in VAT coming to European purchases coming Feb. 1st-Limited Sale on Jan. 26th   
    I will gladly purchase a ship for my EU Imperium members come February and gift it to you. The only thing I would ask you to cover would be any paypal or other transfer fees, which would be next to nothing compared to the VAT. The last thing I want to see is an EU member not continue to pledge because of a tax, because the more we can pledge to CIG the better the game will be...not to mention the ship you will get!
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    Beaubeau reacted to MadDog in Yo fleet!   
    Thanks guys!
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    Beaubeau got a reaction from MadDog in Yo fleet!   
    Greetings @MadDog and @Opie !
    Congrats on the Reclaimer ! That's one helluva 'space-tractor' !
    All the best in the 'verse my friend.
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    Beaubeau reacted to Boogieman in Boogieman Checking In   
    Hello everybody, my name is John Swanson but my friends call me Boogieman. I pledged at the former colonel level (now known as the "Hornet Plus Package") and I am very excited to fly combat missions with Imperium. Another aspiration of mine is to serve on the Capital Crew Corps in any way that would be deemed useful. See you in the sky, Boogie out.
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    Beaubeau reacted to Hellstrom in Checkin In   
    Hi all! Glad to be a member of the community. Sending my app in for joining Imperium shortly.
    Been following SC since Kickstarter. Pleadged at a minimum level there, but now have the Grand Admiral and multiple other vessels to my name. A bit of a completionist, so i have a bit more work to do.
    would like to get involved in Trade/Industry, Exploration, and Intelligence mostly, but certainly enjoy all aspects of this game.
    Looking forward to making some friends and joining the good fight.
    Read a bit about the "portal", stil trying to find out exactly what that is and what it entails.
    See you all In the Verse.
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    Beaubeau reacted to StormyNights in HELLO I JUST ARRIVED   
    HELLO my name is StormyNights and I"m from Toronto Canada and want to join the True Hawks...............Today is my first day here so i"m introducing myself............i have an amd Mustang Omega..........would love to chat.
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    Beaubeau reacted to MrXleader in Hello to all members :)   
    Hey everybody,
    My name is Josip,I live near main city of Croatia named Zagreb. I'm almost 19 yr old. I pledged for this game after I heard of it on youtube watching some Freelancer stuff,cuz that was my first PC game overall,and i think I've always been into space stuff. Currently have pledged for Aurora,managed to play a little in Arena commander on my MSI G60 but its pretty laggy even on lowest so im considering doing forum stuff mostly till getting a new rig and mybe switching the Aurora for an M50,anyways I would like to get my hands on a Freelancer and join the Imperium org and have fun with all of you nice and not so nice people 
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    Beaubeau reacted to Acent0r in Greetings   
    Greetings, everyone. My SC name is William Acentor.

    I'm glad to join SCB community, hopefully I will be good addition to it.

    About me - I am from cold-evil-red-country, living in it's caputal. I totally love sci-fi, most of all Star Wars, I guess. Spend a lot time gaming. Also I like roleplaying, including text-RPG's, games, quests and cosplaying.
    Also I am a Computer Science and Math student (which probably makes me useful to technology fleet). Highly interested in aerospace industry and cutting-edge physics.

    Nice to meet you all.   

    I am looking for a Combat Ops squadron now. Click if you're recruiting.
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    Beaubeau reacted to Maj_Kryme in Hello from Texas!   
    Hey folks,
    I've wanted to back/pledge Star Citizen for a long while and finally put myself into a position to do so.  I'm a proud and excited owner of a Constellation Andramada package and this past week I was also fortunate enough to pick up a Weekend Warrior Super Hornet package. Seeing as I'm extremely interested in both exploration and combat, I think I picked up some great ships to do both and then some.
    I've app'd to Imperium so hopefully soon I can become a full member a chat with more of you.  Oh last thing, I will be attending the full day event this Friday, 23 Jan, so if you are in the SA area and want to meet up prior or during the event, let me know.
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    Beaubeau reacted to Lockon_Stratos in Hello   
    Hello I'm Lockon! Registered and passed my exam a week or so ago but never introduced myself. I am super pumped for this game and seeing just how much we can accomplish as an org. I selected exploration as my area of interest but I don't know how much money can be made from that, so my alternate desire is to escort merchants and the likes to make some cash.
    My only ship is a 315p so hopefully I can make ends meat with that and contribute to our orgs success.
    Look forward to playing with you all
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    Beaubeau got a reaction from Whittle in Roll Call: CitzenCon Manchester [10 October 2015]   
    I will move heaven and earth to be there !
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    Beaubeau reacted to Ephraim Tannhauser in Idris(M) vs Idris(P)   
    I can't wait to see the 100:1 longshot of a rail gun round pulverizing a moving Constellation.  It'd be like hitting a deer with a Revolutionary War solid-ball cannon.
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    Beaubeau reacted to VoA in Aegis Idris Frigate   
    Yep Finally got my Idris-P as well...
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    Beaubeau reacted to Kokoro in Aegis Idris Frigate   
    Yes!!!!! Its up!!
    Finally got an Idris to call my own!
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    Beaubeau reacted to Xethos in Aegis Idris Frigate   
    i finally got my damn ship lol
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    Beaubeau reacted to Jeff Rubicon in Aegis Idris Frigate   
    I also got an idris as Well!!!
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    Beaubeau reacted to GalYurr in Aegis Idris Frigate   
    Picked up one as well with some left over store credit.  Sold out in minutes this time, not seconds (I think).
    EDIT: Didn't have 1 in cart either.
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    Beaubeau reacted to CyberianK in Aegis Idris Frigate   
    I got an Idris
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    Beaubeau reacted to Byronyk in Star Guide - Multicrew vs. Solo w/ NPCs   
    I'm back and with a new Star Citizen video! This time, I looked at the recent debate between people who want to fly larger ships solo vs. those that do not. I tried to be as objective as possible when presenting all the information, so hopefully you enjoy.
    See ya!

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