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  1. I am still here, I will be starting the build of my new P.C. Next week when I receive   the CPU the last component of the build. This fully new build should last me another 10 years like the current one has hope to see y'all soon again in the verse.

    1. GeraldEvans


      Glad to hear it Trooper. It's hard to believe I built this computer five years ago expecting to play retail SC on it.

    2. Sean Thornton

      Sean Thornton

      I had assembled most of the computer  and was going to put the CPU in before I started wiring and when I pulled the safety cover off to drop the CPU in.  I saw that the receptical was damaged and unusable. I had bought insurance which turned to be worthless even though I was still under the warranty period.  I was told too bad so sad. I contacted the seller and told them what I found and their reply was the same since I was past the 90 days. As you know since I am on S.S.D. because of my disabilities. I can only buy the parts I need month by month. So that was over $100.00 I lost so I am now going to purchase a new motherboard in July of course if it is still for sale on Newegg then. I am buying a better board that will give me another 10 years and that will make the most of the Haswell 6 core CPU that is at 3.3 MHz and can be overclocked to 4.0 MHz or a little higher. Soooo until I get my hands on it I am in a holding pattern again and it is going to cost double of what I paid for the bad mobo. Hope to see y'all soon.

  2. looks good, however, I cannot attend I am having playing problems and I will be upgrading my PC in January to be able to fully run Star Citizen. It has been crashing and I am receiving a not enough on board memory to run the game. I guess 12 GB is not enough.
  3. Very nice install assist and set up guide for VA Thanks Grem! Oh by the way I use IO Bit software and it does a great job and as you say the uninstaller software is very overactive just set it up for request permission first before deleting stuff. That should take care of that problem.
  4. Since I will be 60 in December, I remember the Original D&D board Game. Then as a game such as Final Fantasy and some D&D games. Those not being my cup of tea was something I did not get into. I was a Mechwarrior player since the start with the book series and the first game Crescent Hawk's Inception, before that I played text games on a Hyundai Super 16 TE before 286. Back in the early to mid 80's there had been news stories about University peeps that had gotten so far into the D&D games they would role play in the steam tunnels of the Ivy league schools and end up getting lost and having to be rescued. That was my point of reference , I was joking about that but I guess you had to be there as for the government I trust folks that double dipped first military then government a lot further than I would trust someone who had never been in the real world and mommy and daddy and their connections got some Ivy league peep their positions in life. This is not a personal slight just a point about the folks that I trust the same can be said of the officer corp of the US military some good some bad some morons just saying. lol
  5. Yes, Yes I did because I remember university peeps getting lost in steam tunnels under north eastern places of higher education playing it and proving how stupid they really are. Just think these are the same folks that work in the leadership of the CIA and FBI and we see how all messed up they are. Most other folks worked for the military and they are the ones holding the government together now put that in your pipe and smoke it Lord Dark Helmet.
  6. Yea the consoles can have their gangsta games and the D&D garbage, sports and stuff. I prefer to play something that has a real story behind it. I am totally burned out on some games that I have either have deleted off my PC or just have not played them in a couple of years or more.
  7. It should be under "Law of the Sea" type of rules I.E. anything legitimately found adrift without a claimant on board is considered "finders keepers." Look at international maritime rulings on Treasure Hunters, Piracy and adrift shipping. Because it is in space the rules should be no different.
  8. My Reclaimer is named LULUBELLE, Nostromo sounds like something from a bad remake movie.
  9. I at one time had a computer software store and madcatz was and is overpriced and break faster than anything else. the only reason they got such a massive market share was they were sold through Wally World (Walmart) by the truckload. I use a 3D pro and a logitech wireless trackball both work great and are not break the bank expensive. I have only replaced the 3D pro once in over 10 years and I have a WolfKing "Trooper" mouse that I bought with my gaming rig in 2010 it still works fine but I prefer trackballs and I use the Wolfking as my backup mouse. I have been using Logitech trackballs since they first came out, just personal preference but they work great just have to keep them clean. I also used Thrustmaster joysticks, throttles and foot pedals which at one time were a good buy but now also have become way overpriced and the internal springs tend to wear out with any heavy usage and the stick will gain a clear tilt to one side or another. However, personally I think that all the manufacturers really need to improve product quality and become more competitive in their pricing structure, not everyone has a boat load of cash to throw at them or their mommy's purse or daddy's wallet to raid every time some new gizmo hits the market.
  10. Welcome to the Imperium fleet/family!
  11. I like this much better than the Japanese suicide torpedo look it is more spacy-ish Yea, I said spacy-ish get over it! LOL
  12. You know, unfortunately the seats look like they would become damn uncomfortable about two hours into a serious gaming session they could use thicket seat padding perhaps with gel or springs and lower lumbar support. It will be essential to have heavier gas piston and good wheels with ball bearings like the old skateboard and roller skate wheels. for long term usage not just have to replace it in two or three years. But of course that is just my two cents.
  13. Uyghur, Sparkie had a hard crash and he cannot log into here at this time. He wants the package and will contact you as soon as he gets back on. He is a squadron mate and a friend and he asked me to relay this to you.
  14. Gold: 0 Credits:1,159,986 XP: 2600+ Unconverted XP: 273,966 Barracks: 100% + Trained Crew for M4A3E8 do not remember if that tank had full cammo 100% + Trained Crew for E-50 I think this tank had full cammo 100% + Trained Crew for VK 30.02 if you repurchase has full cammo 100% + Trained Crew for Light Tank R. Otsu No cammo if repurchased 2 StuG III G crew members 100% + 1 radio operator Pz 35(t) 100% + 89% Trained Crew for KV-1 2 crewmen VK 30.01 P 80% Open Garage Bays: 17 Current tanks: T-18 crew 99-100% permanent cammo with name LU LU Bell, spall liner, coated optics, cammo net small fire extinguisher, repair kit, first aid kit Pz-Kpfw 38 (t) 110% + no cammo spall liner, coated optics, enhanced springs small fire extinguisher, repair kit, first aid kit Pz-Kpfw 1 Ausf C crew 100%+ no cammo spall liner, enhanced gun laying drive, coated optics fire extinguisher, repair kit, first aid kit Pz-Kpfw IV Ausf H 100%+ crew full cammo coated optics, gun rammer, spall liner repair kit, fire extinguisher, first aid kit Panther 100%+ crew no cammo gun rammer, coated optics, spall liner repair kit, fire extinguisher, first aid kit VK 3601 H 100%+ crew 2 100% crew skills 1 60% 3rd crew skill, several major awards permanent cammo fire extinguisher, repair kit, first aid kit spall liner, gun rammer, coated optics Tiger 1 100% + crew 1 100% crew skill, 2nd crew skill 86% permanent cammo, spall liner, gun rammer,coated optics fire extinguisher, repair kit, first aid kit E-75 100%+ crew skill 1 100% 2nd crew skill 92% permanent cammo Extra Heavy spall liner, gun rammer, coated optics large auto fire extinguisher, Large repair kit, Large first aid kit In depot 7 spare fire extinguishers, 7 spare repair kits and 7 spare first aid kits I have earned several different awards on each vehicle I owned some that you can see in the tech trees from different nations some of them had permanent cammo. I barely play this any more and I would rather trade this so I could get a ship other than my LN. I am disabled and on a fixed income so I thought this might be the best way to get a better ship before the verse goes live for exploration. Both games are current with updates and are my personal accounts no funny business. I am very excited about Star Citizen that is why I am a backer and subscriber along with this being very affordable for my budget where MWO and WOT are not and I would rather that someone who wants to own and play these 2 games have them to enjoy. Mech Warrior Online 1 Atlas 2 variants ferro-fibrus armor endo steel internals dual heat sinks lots of extras 1 Orion 2 variants working on several extras. both mechs have custom weapons mounts changed from base model. As I said this is one of the Elite Founder's pack accounts from Beta with designator on field and in forums + boost in XP. 1,660 hrs of premium time banked and have not used any of them. If you are interested please contact me and we can work out the swap.
  15. I have a World of Tanks and a Mechwarrior online accounts I want to trade. The WOT has several tanks with all Kit and trained tank crews in barracks. The MWO account has two mechs an Atlas with extras and an Orion with extras. This is an original account from Beta with Markers as being one of the original Atlas Founder's pack owners. I would like to trade for a 325a
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