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  1. harkos

    0.9 Hype

    To buy a m50 or not to buy a m50, that is the question.
  2. harkos

    0.9 Hype

    Awwww yis!
  3. harkos

    Facebook buys Oculus for 2B

    how shitty is this. How can they do this to thier backers? Imagine RSI selling Star Citizen to EA http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/25/why-facebook-bought-oculus/ "and there might be ads down the line" WTF
  4. harkos

    Reporting In

  5. harkos

    The Next Great Starship - Episode 1.8

    So, any idea if we will be able to buy the winning ship?
  6. harkos

    Random Pictures

    Not a picture but i love it.
  7. harkos

    Where are the pirates?

    In all honesty I really like the idea of being a pirate, now that I would become one.
  8. harkos

    The official music thread

    This is one of my personal favourites.
  9. Nice! Looking foward to the next one.
  10. harkos

    To all the Aussies looking for a stick

    Did they mention that they are going to release hardware?
  11. harkos

    Retaliator owners?

    Man, if i ever have the money i'll buy one i love that thing.
  12. harkos

    This War of Mine

    It is a mobile game, my hope's were crushed.
  13. harkos

    The Next Great Starship Episode 7

    Voted 3Dingo as well i love that ship. Did they mention if we can buy the winning ship later on or is it only attainable in game?