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    We at Valinor have a whole Division dedicated to Science and a branch in there is exactly for this. Currently, it is expected that our scientists will merely roleplay their passion and there won't be much in game for this particular disciplne, but we can still hope that at least we will have some xeno races to study and examine
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    Salutations from Valinor Aerospace Ltd.

    Nicely, we just moved to our own web hosting and we have a brand new site and forum! The process is not yet complete, so sorry if you find any bugs or things not working, but the recruitment is in here: http://valinoraerospace.com/careers/
  3. Hello there! My name is Derek Hawkmoon and I come from Valinor Aerospace Ltd. http://valinoraerospace.com/ I'm the head of Diplomacy there and I am here to get to know you and let myself and Valinor be better known as well. Valinor Aerospace is a secular, humanist, ethical, pacifist, science and exploration focused roleplaying organization in Star Citizen. We are very much pro-alien and pro-Terra and had our disagreements with the UEE before, though we do try to remain inside the Law when at all possible. We are against any form of violence and will engage in such only to guarantee our own and our allies security. We are one of the few organizations entirely focused on Roleplaying: what this means is that we require all our members to be roleplayer of one sort or another. We very much accept beginners and even people that do not intend to roleplay in the game, but prefer to do so in forums or chat areas are welcome. However, we do enforce a minimum of canon in our members, so do not expect pokemon or space vampires or things like that to be in Valinor. Valinor has 4 divisions: Exploration, Fleet Security, Science and Logistics. Our Exploration branch is by far the biggest with over half of our members in it leading to the fact that we will very much need external assistance for security and trade purposes and as such, any friends in that area are welcome. Valinor is also the founding member of the STAR alliance, a non-aggressive military alliance meant to be defensive in nature. As for myself, I am 36, originally from Italy, but have lived in Finland for 10 years now. I'm married with a gamer, one dog, no kids. I'm very much an all around stereotypical old generation geek. I started on computers when I was 6 and never really stopped. Video games and tabletop RPGs are my main hobbies, followed by scifi/fantasy books, tv series, movies and manga/anime, etc. though I also like to discuss of economics, philosophy, government systems and I am quite intrigued by online guild's mechanics and systems having been in several over the course of my MMO's carrier, often as a guild leader or an officer. Oh yeah, and I work in IT cause the stereotype was not complete enough. I've been playing MMOs since 1999, with few if any interruptions. The first one was Ultima Online, but I have played most of the MMOs ever released. From Asheron's Call, to Everquest, Dark age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies all the way to Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, World of Warcraft and many many many others. Yeah, there is a bit of EVE in there as well (and Earth and Beyond too!), but I never stuck too much to that game anyway. Presently looking forward to ESO and Wildstar. Space sim wise, I started with Elite, back in the 80s. Frontier is one of my favorite games, but Wing Commander definitely took the cake. While it did not have at all the freedom of exploration that Frontier had, the world was so immersive and realistic and the story so cinematic, that I was immediately hooked. I was young then, so forgive my rose-tinted glasses.. though I did replay the original WC recently and I found all the charm then intact to this very day. There are many other Space Sims that I tried at one point or another, but in recent time there has been no single game in that category to keep me busy for more than a month or so. I really hope Star Citizen will change this and, from what I have seen, I am quite confident it will. See you all.. in the 'Verse!
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    Salutations from Valinor Aerospace Ltd.

    Hello Roy! You can read in details about them at our forums http://valinoraerospace.com/forum/ You can freely register there and let me know when you are coming to visit so proper diplomatic access can be arranged. In shorts, we have 2 treaties: STAR and JCI. STAR is a defensive alliance including: 1) Non-aggression pact between all members 2) Economy clause to offer some discount to the other members (details to be defined at a later stage) 3) defensive assistance pact, if one of the members is attacked without cause, the others will come to their help. JCI is an economic treaty including: 1) Non-aggression pact only between the member and Valinor (meaning the non-aggression does not apply to others that signed the JCI) 2) Economy clause like above. Finally, "Friendly" just means other organizations that are deemed friendly by our boss, even if no treaty has been signed with them. I hope this is helpful
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    Salutations from Valinor Aerospace Ltd.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome!