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  1. lustrous

    Most needed ship?

    They've said many times before that insuring your ship won't be expensive (although a bit more for something like a connie). It's the other insurance (weapons, addons, cargo, etc) that will require cash flow to maintain. That's what will be expensive to replace. It's for this reason I never went gray market
  2. lustrous


    Thank you again to everyone. I went for what I like the look of while keeping in linie with what I wanted from the game. I guess I sacrificed a bit of dogfightining ability.. melted my hornet/lancer for a 315p/connie =) my wallet hates me..
  3. lustrous


    Thank you all for the kind welcomes. I think I will stick with my current Lancer/Hornet setup. If we're allowed to pledge for the packages, I'll go for the explorer based package for the lancer and the combat for the hornet. Looking forward to carving out a piece of space to call ours.
  4. lustrous


    Hello everyone, Very happy to have found a very, VERY large group that has a mission in-line with what I want out of Star Citizen. A faction with the numbers and dicipline to make a nice little empire in space we can call our own. So far, I have a Freelancer and a Hornet but with a group this large, I'm very much tempted to melt them for a Connie (and I'll probably get a 325a or 315p if I do..). I just see so much more use for the two smaller ships in getting both my personal and our overall economy going come launch. Looking forward to discussing ships on TS3 and soon, dogfighting!
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