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  1. My two favourite words from CANADA... Wonder Bra
  2. Wow this is great. I see a fine bunch of Canucks here. We shall take over the galaxy with our overly polite manors and bags of maple leaf cookies...lol
  3. Stab Twisted


    Welcome to the fleet.
  4. I pass the bar, woot

  5. I'll spot you and give you a lift should you need it.
  6. Late summer, it will be called the ikearis. Good lighting and a very versatile kitchen. Don't mess with the ikearis, it will flat pack you and ship you off.
  7. This is great, your all pretty far but it's good start, add me as friend if you like.
  8. IKEA sets are easy to put together, all you need is a Philips #3 and a flat head screwdriver. You can do it.
  9. Hi guys, I was just looking to make sort of a hang out for local Canadians, maybe when the game gets going we can roll together. Or jus meet other Canadian players
  10. Well that's not good. Should have red this post before the interview
  11. I am sure the ops would get the best discounts
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome. I know they will accept application, just can't help but play silly bugger when thinking how much fun this game will be
  13. Thank you, any idea how long it takes for them to proses the application ?
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