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  1. @CC-Corp Whats your budget? And you're looking into 6th Gen CPU's like i7 I saw right?
  2. Man i just remember that ending part... its crazy i say they should bring this back for a while i bet ppl would go crazy lol
  3. Thats tru! HR move dis my mistake
  4. I saw this yesterday and omg... HAHAHAHA
  5. After 3yrs ive updated my SCB Name and RSI and all the others to NaTtype !


    Quick Story behind it: I was working on fixing Jimmy Fallon's PlayStation when the Tonight Show came to Orlando and when you test the network on a Ps4 is has a Nat Type: area and it failed twice and he kept calling me "Nattype" because it failed when it was going thru our firewall so i had to get it fixed so the name just stayed at work. lol :)

    1. NaTtype


      Oh Nightside > NaTtype 

    2. Shootter


      Cool story

  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. NaTtype


      Donut geez thanks man :) a bit late for my reply lol

  7. http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2015/10/07/everybody-needs-to-calm-down-about-star-citizen/ Not sure if this had been posted but here
  8. NaTtype

    MISC Endeavor

    God i dont like having so many options and can't even play the game yet..
  9. wish they had more images or info to read up on it tho... gj B I saw the mining drone gif i posted here last yr
  10. At least its not a joystick in which you are unable to get to that location without breaking it! I would say +1 for them but a -1 for the poor materials used to its still at 0
  11. Amazon is going to space! Luckily i live 1hr from the Space Coast might be fun to see..
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