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  1. Is it just me or does any other M50 owner boast about owning the Ferrari of the SC universe?
  2. Another great video Byronyk Well said about the none toxic community
  3. Sounds good to me, though I am assuming it has been tweaked since the previous comments I like it though, is this going to be your PU character? or just a fan fiction you are writing?
  4. This brought a tear to my eye knowing what a sacrifice you have made, and even though we have lost a great brother. I am sure it wont be the last time we see you, and we all support your decision. You did the right thing, you are a stronger man than I, I doubt I would be able to do that, my computer IS my life. I wish you all the best, and I hope everything turns out alright, though I am sure it will Live long and prosper. (corny I know but it needed to be said somewhere in the thread)
  5. That's look really damn cool, I love the positioning of everything Getting more envious with every image you post
  6. This looks like its gonna be a really cool set up when you are done Definitely gonna take something away from your set up to change my own Your son had surgery? Is he alright? Hows he doing? D= (sorry for such a late responding post)
  7. Sounds like you have yourself a brilliant "Man Cave" project Personally for me, as I still live with my parents, its trying to organise my room so that I can get a really comfy set up. I'm looking into getting an extra monitor (as I am currently only on one) Then getting myself a good flight control rig, I like the idea of having a tablet for some of the controls, that would be really cool Good luck with your project
  8. I'd love to join in! Unfortunately my internet is terrible so I doubt it would be much fun if I hosted D= @Prospero Will you be posting more information here when you have it? (like times and hosts)
  9. Lol these GIFs are giving me a real chuckle, that dodge ball one is insane
  10. I would expect them to be into that sort of thing to be honest, bio weapons and really dirty bombs that just wreck everything. Possible some form of torpedo that penetrates shields and hulls and then releases white phosphorus or something, a real nasty bomb that wrecks the inside completely, something that really destroys flesh. Just would think them of doing something because its effective not because it looks better for the media.
  11. Another great video @Valkyrie Filled in some blanks I was sure about, thanks
  12. Another strong video @Byronyk I should be able to run just below high I think? Current rig: i5 3.10Ghz 12 Gb RAM GTX 660 Ti I'm gonna be putting in an SSD soon though prices have gone down a lot since I last looked Thanks
  13. I think there is always going to be at least one or two trashy programs on anyone's system, unless they are always checking for them. This software has such a small footprint you wouldn't even notice. You could probably just uninstall it after use anyways cause its so small, wont matter much would only take a second. Its bloody ridiculous how many tabs I open sometimes, browsing for computer parts or peripherals I open like 30 tabs before I start reviewing
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