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  1. I created an account and used your friend code. May sign up and attempt to run for a Count package and also give extra tokens to you Jon. As Wrathpole said, Imp for Imp.
  2. Well said @VoA. Part of me wants the BMM now! But I know that CIG is getting better and better at makeing ships. The longer it takes, the more col new features and gameplay will be incorporated. Of course that doesn't help late at night when I'm drunk and jonesing to fly my Merchantman.
  3. Oh man.. Though I watched this 8 months after you posted it, this blew me away. Can't wait (though I'll have to) for my Merchantman. Thanks for the post VoA. You always find great stuff.
  4. I'm having trouble finding it on my old drive. But I'll keep looking.
  5. I wrote a script. It took a some trial and error as the Control Manager instructions are almost useless. I'll look for the script when I get home tonight.
  6. Sweet.. I've been wanting to get the Enemy Within update for XCOM. Now it is all mine!
  7. Great pics. Yeah, I'd enjoy flying a nice gritty steam punk MMO.
  8. I hope to get in on the Dino action tonight! Woot.
  9. Dr. Argon

    X-COM 2

    Looks good and I've loved X-Com for decades. BUT the scene with the sword is concerning. If the game becomes a cartoon where uber dudes bring swords to the gun battles I'm out.
  10. I agree. And this thread seems more about discussing the PU economy and the board game rather than just an excuse to post subscriber material or Jump Point pics. We have all invested in Star Citizen and can be expected to share and discuss ideas about it. Conversations regarding the board game or other CIG work should not be censored just because the material was only released to subscribers. I believe the use of the JP picture in this thread would pass many Fair Use checks.
  11. War is good for profit. I'd look forward to having to choose which side to support and all the moral implications. Whether I support one side or stay neutral would depend on what each stands for. Though whatever I end up doing, it will be profitable. Good topic @Hutch Cartmen. Though it's all speculation at this point, it is fun speculation.
  12. Now I need to watch The Last Starfighter again. Cause you know it is cool to live in a mobile cave that doesn't go anywhere.
  13. Welcome @Myles. You have an impressive hangar! Feel free to jump into any forum discussion in T&I. Regardless of which squadron you choose, we can all theory craft together!
  14. Welcome to Star Citizen Base. Dive into the forums and have some fun.
  15. Sup... Welcome to Imperium @xaero.
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