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    KerbalSpaceProgram, the ArmA series, space/cosmology in general, Starlancer, Competitive CS:GO, Game of Thrones, Skyrim, Fallout, D&D and tabletop gaming

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  1. Jimmy Wonder

    Why would I want an Aurora + a better ship?

    So I've been wondering, if you can afford better, why would you buy an Aurora? I have a 300i, and they can hold more cargo, are more upgradeable, will probably be faster, and have more capacity for hardpoints than an Aurora. The only reason I see at the moment to get an LN is because it is currently more heavily armed than the 300i. But I can fix that for $15 and get a 325A. The reason I ask what may be a silly question is because I see a lot of people with a 300-series and an Aurora, or a connie+Aurora, etc. Interested to hear your thoughts
  2. Jimmy Wonder

    Star Citizen Ship Giveaway

    as an Aussie; Worst. Accent. Ever
  3. Jimmy Wonder

    Size, scope and scale of ground warfare?

    The problem is just the zero g isn't enough, the player has to be able to fully manoeuvre in zero g, so being able to roll and push off surfaces and stuff, although apparently there will be artificial gravity .
  4. Jimmy Wonder

    Size, scope and scale of ground warfare?

    where? and in what form?
  5. Jimmy Wonder

    Size, scope and scale of ground warfare?

    well, I guess the only thing better than CryEngine is Improved CryEngine, or cats. So CryEngine + many million $ == . hopefully.
  6. Jimmy Wonder

    Size, scope and scale of ground warfare?

    Yeah, but people Rambo without zero g. just being able to properly float about with no up or down would be brilliant, but I'm not sure if that can be done in CryEngine or any engine convincingly.
  7. I just had a thought, I was wondering what sort of scale you guys are thinking would be optimal for planet-side battles. I was thinking huge, open worlds, or ArmA size maps would be awesome planet-side environments, allowing players to fight over individual areas on a planet. Or do you guys think smaller sized maps would be better? Hell, while we're talking about groundpounders, what about marine boarding actions on the larger ships like the Idris or Carriers or even the connie. I'd be interested to know how CIG will manage authentic zero g combat in CryEngine. Like proper zero g where you can roll and everything rather than just bumping your head on the roof all the time. I'll certainly be interested to find out, and to hear your thoughts
  8. Jimmy Wonder

    Ben Lesnick about Mass Battles

    Tbh the limit I feel really lies with the strength of the command structure and the strength of communications. I've played in ArmA games with 75/side once, and despite a little latency, it was really fun due to the fact that everyone had there teams and there orders, so that for a basic rifleman the rest of the battle seems more like atmosphere. essentially, a good command structure segments a huge engagement into a whole lot of small engagements going on in the same general area. Personally I'd love to see huge, organised battles like in ArmA
  9. Jimmy Wonder

    Reporting for duty

    Welcome to the fleet
  10. Jimmy Wonder

    Crew assignments

    tell me about it. -.- been waiting for four hours now and i'm not sure if i've done everything i have to.
  11. Jimmy Wonder

    Reporting in :D

    Why thank you Galenrick. Looking forward to being a full fledged community member Edit: good to see another Aussie too
  12. Jimmy Wonder

    Reporting in :D

    I'm looking forward to joining the biggest community in the game . the recruitment process is somewhat convoluted, i applied on the RSI organisations section, then was told to come here and click the recruitment tab, which sent me back to the organisations section of the RSI site. so i've been told to come here. anyways i'm particularly interested in the intelligence and diplomacy type roles, and being from Australia means I have access to that timezone so to speak. I also wouldn't mind being deployed in a military capacity, since i consider myself to be a good pilot (at least I am in Starlancer). Anyways, I'm looking forward to working with Imperium