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  1. Heading to Rome next Sunday for a whole week with my Wife.

    Does any Imperium member lives there and could advise restaurants/pastries/ice creams/supplies places?


    we like typical places where locals go, we don't especially want fancy places.

    We are looking for the feeling" this is real Rome".

    1. J. Coren

      J. Coren

      if you're going to go to "real Rome, I suggest a couple of things:

      -Get discreet wallets you wear under your clothes and keep your phones, money and IDs in that

      -Have your wife take her smallest handbag and only keep non-expensive cosmetics or things she can afford to have stolen

      -don't wear jewelry or expensive watches

      -wear inexpensive well-worn shoes with inserts (you will be doing a lot of climbing)


      One of my cousins graduated a few weeks ago and did the typical post-college Euro Vacation thing starting in Rome. They were all robbed at knifepoint and had to cut their trip short because everything got stolen.

      Learn from their mistake.

    2. Amy Babe

      Amy Babe

      roger that, thx for the feedback.