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  1. Hammerhead escorting role; Weapons loadout follow-up

    there is absolutely no problem, we have right to disagree and i did not take bad anything people have said here. i think the zarian's arguments were just not realistic in the frame of real world, but could be valid in the frame of a video game. Imperium fleet is k+ people: OK but all around the world, not all connected at the same time. not everybody is part of the military not everybody of the online mlilitary people will be last minute operation, nor will be in the space sector... Everything smells the schedule ahead operation, I don't want to be picky on everylittle details, therefore i drop the ball here and prefer to stop the debate now our different approaches have been exposed, I will not convince you, you will not convince me, i don't see what more i could say
  2. Hammerhead escorting role; Weapons loadout follow-up

    ourmilitary academies and real life military experiences must have been very different to reach such different solutions. In france we can't afford the overkill strategy, because we more than often miss assets and we go with the "as less as possible'. (btw From what i have seen the US forces have more or less the same issue :D). When i had to organize operations, i had to do with the as less expensive as possible to ensure everyone comes back home safe and mission being a success. This is what i'll try to achieve in Star citizen. Of course if we forget about the economical constraints, i'll bring in a bengal to fight a bunch of cutlasses . there will be no winner in this discussion, i'd better stop here. there are different ways to organize an operation, you have exposed yours, i have exposed mine, we agree that we disagree. period. both of us are veterans, cheers mate
  3. Hammerhead escorting role; Weapons loadout follow-up

    Your main assumption is that "the ennemy does not know" if he does know somehow (someone talks too much, ... spies or whatever you are screwed) and your losses will be quite heavy. When you plan large operations such as the one you mention here you MUST assume that your opponent knows and you MUST expect the worst case at the risk of losing everything. i'm surprised you talk about your military experience and still "hope" for your opponent to make mistakes, or assume that "largest pirate org will not match us... " the bad general goes to war and dreams of victory, the good general goes to war and has already won". Sun Tzu This is critically dangerous way of thinking! I have never managed my squadron like this IRL, and never i'll manage it this way in this game. If the ennemy really does not know: * you need to act quick before he can organize himself. In addition to that, you need to be realistic, in a videogame there is no way you can organize a 110+ people operation assembled at the last minute. This needs advanced planning and therefore you increase your risks to have your ennemy hear about it. * Go quick? scout and go light, while your convoy try to sneak, make your best to have backup ready to scramble. Moreover, If your ennemy really does not know, why would you need a 110+ combat group? what kind of ennemy force and setup do you fear exactly? it sounds to me that your battlegroup is built to fight an organized force including bombers and capital ships... In this case your scenario will likely be a failure since you'll engage your own forces in a heavy fight without knowing your opponent setup, AND he will have the alpha strike + surprise effect.
  4. Hammerhead escorting role; Weapons loadout follow-up

    to me that's too much firepower for the asset to protect. if the pirates don't steal the resources, the mining operation would likely make no money anyway in the end paying for such a protection, although there might even be no threat in the end. i'd rather : * rely heavily on scouts to secure the waypoints. * have enough forces to stabilize the battlefront while waiting for the reinforcements, in case some hostile fleet joins the party. Now let's assume the ressources we have to protect are worthing such a defensive fleet, the offensive fleet would be informed, and the guys would not be wannabe pirates... their assets would be at least matching the defensive power if not more. Your setup is not tailored for a battle of 2 fleets with equal firepower. it is designed to be a deterant. I would really not go that way of the "brute force". i'd play smarter, with heavy intelligence and planning ahead + lighter forces for immediate protection + forces ready to scramble if needed.
  5. SIBYLLA - Diplomacy

    Hi There, welcome here! I think your organization sounds familiar to me, I believe that someone i know IRL is in your org (The son of the drumer in my band, If you have someone from Arcachon then i might be right) Best regards Salutations messieurs, Bienvenue chez Imperium! Votre organisation ne m'est pas inconnue, je crois avoir une connaissance IRL chez vous ( le fils du batteur de mon groupe. Si vous avez un membre du bassin d'Arcachon alors je ne me trompe pas ) Cordialement
  6. Idris P or keep Polaris

    ok, ty for this smartest post ever
  7. Thanks a lot for your explanations, i grabed one if ever Imperium needs some of those assets.
  8. can someone tell me what is so freaking exciting about this ship? i just don't feel anything about it, maybe i miss something....
  9. FrogSwarm say hello

    Salut la nuée de grenouilles! Bienvenue chez Imperium, si je peux vous aider de quelque manière que ce soit, n'hésitez pas à me demander. à plus dans l'univers (Hello guys, Welcome to Imperium, If i can be of any help for anything, feel free to ask See you soon in the verse)
  10. i wish this ship is something nobody expects and NOT at all a base builder. for that price i expect a ship people could use on a daily basis, and i don't foresee a base builder being needed every day... please CIG surprise me, Ben said once in a "ben's day with batgirl and ben" that when people see this ship they'll think " i can't believe they are doing this". come one! i want to feel this!
  11. Happy Birthday!

    1. Amy Babe

      Amy Babe

      ty buddy :)

  12. Any chance the concept sale for september is announced this week?

    I would bet for the X1, and the "game changer" for citizen con.

  13. Aegis Sabre

    it does not look like a sabre, it's confusing!
  14. Aegis Idris Frigate

    rest of the world don't use them... that obvisously incorect.
  15. Aegis Idris Frigate

    Rework your sources... french carrier charles de gaule uses 2 catapults US made)