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  1. did i already say "very disappointed"?
  2. so now i get ready for the Q&A: does it fit into a nox?
  3. VERY disapointed ...
  4. In France we used to call it "Jayce et les conquérants de la lumière", i was raised with it, and yeah that's a pretty long time I'll go for the warbond megapack, I like the bad guy atmosphere of it...
  5. here are the 5 versions of the cyclone: and here is the warbond megapack
  6. We all knew ACME: A Company that Makes Everything Tumbril is just The Unknown Manufacturer Bringing Really awesome Into Life
  7. funny, i am actually a combat logistics pilot in the nova core unit. my ships are: * polaris * starfarer G * crucible * endeavor hope + collider for upgrades.
  8. The redeemer is available for sale again until July 10th. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/spaceship-prices
  9. hello citizen, the redeemer is not sold anymore. i hope it won t hurt too much your upgrade chains. i see it as a direct reaction to the $0 ccus redeemer -> merchantman that many people are sitting on. edit: the redeemer is now a vailable until july 10th.
  10. Hi all, very interresting thread here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50259/thread/increasing-power-to-shields-or-engines-what-will-b Too early now for me to really see all the consequences, but here is some interresting raw material for theorycrafting. take care!
  11. Hi there, you will probably have a hard time finding this BMM -> Endeavor CCU, and it would cost at least $100. the $0 CCU from a BMM to any other $350 ship are currently not available and i assume CIG will do all its best not to allow us saving $100 bucks in a CCU BMM -> Endeavor or Reclaimer or Crucible or HullD or Carrack... FYI, the hope class has not been sold since the Endeavor concept sale. I myself own a hope class endeavor made of a naked Endeavor + Hangar Module + Medical bay. Medical bay and hangar Module can be purchased on the grey market, or from CIG during anniversary sale. original value was $75 each. I hope this helps. Good luck for your quest. (If you need the Hangar and Medical modules I have 4 years insurance ones in my back back. I could sell them for no profit, but i pay VAT)
  12. Who is Gallitin?
  13. this would be assuming you know exactly how the economy will work and i don't think CIG will make exploration an activity where you can't make money. Sorry @Donut, but I don't follow you on this statement. Nice video though
  14. Something is seriously bothering me with this shape, whatever the role is. ready for a quick aerospace course on stealth? If CIG really wants to advertise this as a stealth spacecraft, the shape is just wrong. Actually here is how the things are working if you want to detect something (I'll try to make it easy physics): everything is based on waves. Waves have different lengths (the wavelength called L, expressed in nanometer), but we usually use the frequency instead which is L/C expressed in hertz (Hz). so what do I want to explain? How do we detect the waves? You do that all the time, everyday, even if you may not be aware if it! Your ears are sensors working in the 16 Hz to 20 KHz bandwidth (we call this bandwidth the "sound" ) Your eyes are sensors working in the 530,000 GHz to 750,000 GHz (1 Ghz = 1,000, 000 Hz) If you want to see in infrared, you need sensors in the 400,000 GHz range. That would be for the heat as we know it. Nowadays radars are usually working in (X-band which is about 8 GHz). There are other things but I may not be allowed to talk about it, and it would not add things to the point: waves are the key. If you want to detect something you need to use the right sensor, the one that will catch the signals coming from the "thing" you want to see. So now that we understand WHAT we need to detect (the signal/waves issued by your target) there are 2 ways to detect it: 1) detect what the "target" does not send to you This is basically how we detect black holes. They don't send anything to you since they catch everything. But when you compare the noise of the space (what the space sends to you) and what a black hole sends to you, you can detect on a spectrum analyser a huge difference . Why the hell is this area of the space sending less noise? there must be something catching the signals... This is also true if you want to detect some planets or stars. 2) detect what the "target" sends to you This is how we detect the pen on our desk, the leaves on the trees, the sound of a guitar, the planes in the air... thanks to our sensors we catch the waves issued by a piece of "something". So if you don't want to be detected you want to send nothing to the sensors looking at you. * first you want to keep your emissions as low as possible in the widest bandwidth possible. for instance: I can not detect the pen on my desk with my ears because it has no emission in the "sound bandwidth", but with my eyes i can see it since it reflects the light issued by the sun. The pen is stealthy in the "sound bandwidth", but not in the "vision" bandwidth. maybe not even in the "heat" bandwidth (it might be heated by the sun and radiate more energy than the table). * second, you want to return almost no wave to someone trying to detect you. Humans don't send anything to detect objects, our abilities to detect things are purely passive. But some animals do have active abilities, think of the bats, sea mammals,... they have sonars. they issue active signals and depending on how the signal comes back to them they detect their surroundings. you'll note that depending on where they are and what they need to detect, the frequency is not the same. bats are working in the"treble", whales in the "loud". (you want to see far and detect big things? go low frequency, but you won't detect little things if they are smaller than your wavelength you want to see little things? go high frequency, but that needs a LOT of energy and then you will not go far and wide.. you'll have to choose far or wide.) You should now "feel" what i mean by "you want to return almost nothing to someone trying to detect you". How do we do that? Some of the modern technics are (I can not tell everything sorry): * special shapes that will deflect an incoming signal so that when an incoming signal you but will never return to the device that issued it. Look at a F117 and you'll understand what I mean in a single look. * Use special materials with "caves" that will catch and emprison the signal.the signal enters the cave, reflects itself, loses a little energy by absorption, reflects again, loses a little energy, and so on until it dies. the signal reaches you, but never leaves you. (you could be detected though the same way that we detect black holes since you create a negative noise compared to your surroundings, and it works only for the bandwidths matching the "caves". ) * use special paintings that will absorb a large amount of the signal energy and return a little bit of it, just like the "space" would do. No negative noise. * combinations of passive systems (such as special materials + shapes + painting) + Active systems, that detect incoming signals and fools the detector by broadcasting the surrounding noise . Now you may see where i want to go... These winglets are just the very last idea an aerospace engineer would have to build a stealth ship, same with this flat design! because there is nothing worst than a flat design if you want to be stealthy, it will reflect everything in a predicted direction And the aegis eclipse design is absolutely wrong because you have a flat ship with perpendicular huge flat winglets. Epic fail...
  15. as long as "everything is subject to change" i feel like i want to have flexibility in my choices. we purchase ships (some will pretend: no you support cog... actually i do both but since i dont send them money for nothing, i consider that i pre purchase ships), so we purchase ships based on preliminary concepts coming from fantasy worlds were everything is a...ma...zing. then comez rezl life and it is no more what you dream off...nor what you were told it would be cig changes its mind for free on ships roles/stats/features? so can I! fair and balanced.