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  1. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    Any clue if the vulcan would fit into the internal hangar of the kraken? anybody knows if we can spawn multiple ships at the same time? in that case i'd be such an happy guy if it was possible.. i would fit my kraken (if ever CIG lets me purchase one) with my eclipse, redeemer , vulcan, vulture and prospector. The swiss army knife on its way!
  2. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    Drake is now known to deliver its products with top of the line components, but once fully upgraded componentwise AND armorwise (i have read not so long ago that armors can also be upgraded) i assume this baby will be a hell of a support ship
  3. Hello sir, what org do you plan on joining? i assume you don't plan on joining Imperium because here nobody is humble, we are the best of the best kidding welcome in !
  4. Amy Babe

    Battle Group Configiration

    I'm sorry folks, theory crafting is not fantasy, theorycrafting to me is serious... otherwise let me explain here how i plan on destroying a battlegroup with a single reliant kore for the sake of theorycrafting, and pleas people you have no other choice than say that what i write is amazing and that you are so lucky to have me around. ok? theorycrafting, imho, is more likely thinking before hand on the best plans that we will actually apply depending on a situation.
  5. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    I applied for one. it gives me vibes of captain harlock :) Would be perfect to assist my mining fleet (Orion and prospector) with deterent presence, refuelling, repairs, firepower if needed and huge cargo hold for the gathered minerals... + it can land when time is come to collect the credits $$$$$$.
  6. Amy Babe

    Origin 890 JUMP

    I melted mine, i realized this is not what i was expecting when i first read the brochure and hit the "purchase"button.
  7. Amy Babe

    Aegis Eclispe

    excuse me sir, we are just nickpicking right now. until last year i was a Mirage 2000 pilot and This is bird had what i called an obstructed cockpit, with a glass canopy. as a jet pilots i am not used to turn on the horizontal plane (yaw), but more likely i will give my bird some roll and will pull on my stick. Therefore i need to be able to watch over my head. if i can't do that, if like here we have a tunnel vision. it's obstructed. That's how i was learnt to fly ^^ but for this bird, since the eclipse is relying on instruments it's fine to me.
  8. Amy Babe

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Imperium!

    welcome in! important question: Ben & Jerry's or haagen dazs?
  9. Amy Babe

    Aegis Eclispe

    I have no issue with a narrow view on a ship as long as long as it has a meaningfull reason (technical constraint, operation purpose,...) Here we have obstruction for the sake of obstruction (and no that's not a rule of cool) Look at the black area on the top of the screen (overhead zone): there is NOTHING in this area. Fill it with buttons, screens, actuators, LED indicators or whatever. Then we understand the different systems needed to operate the bird required extra room, and aegis took advantage of the overhead zone. THIS make sense. as of today, the overhead zone is just a black, useless, zone narrowing the pilot field of view and that's the trade off for.. nothing? edit: I saw another version of this picture where the overhead zone was showing some stuff, so... fine with me...
  10. The bombers i picked (and own): 1) polaris for it can serve other purposes as well 2) Eclipse (I certainly see myself on a final bombing run in a squardon of eclipses trying to sneak in order cripple a a capital ship). But all of the listed bombers have operating assets, and I would not advise all the time a Polaris or an eclipse. it all depends on the mission and the opposing forces. An operation is not always 100% of ships of type A, it's more a matter of picking the right ships and balancing your forces to achieve the mission. a squadron of retaliators with vanguards or gladiators + hornets to bait ennemy fighters while another squadron of sabres + eclipses flanks the ennemies, stealthy, is certainly something to consider...
  11. Amy Babe

    Battle Group Configiration

    I'm all for this kind of theorycrafting since i am heavily interrested in this kind of topices as well as organizing large scale operations in star citizen myself. see the squadron i'm in, for instance. But i like to theorycraft on realistic things, and to me this it not something that will happen. I already told you in the very first reply of this topic what i thought would be the flaws obvious in your fleet, and asking for what kind of operations you wanted this battlegroup. you did not even take one second to answer. So this topic is clearly for me sorry! Still waiting for you to answer btw... edit: We are both of us into the military, I don't know what your ranking is, I'm OF4, lieutenant colonel in french air force. but this is not a competition. I mention this just to let you understand that i'm REALLY interrested in logtistcs and operations so let's have a deal. * define an opposing force * describe the mission * let's assume we have infinite assets of each type * define a number of "crew points" that we can use to achieve the mission. (Total War style) purpose of the exercice: * we build our fleet to achieve the mission * we detail the battle plan with drawings and timelines THIS would be interresting theorycrafting.
  12. Amy Babe

    Battle Group Configiration

    You know what? let's ask for the fleet officers to let us know what they believe of 500+ crewmen for an operation, they know much about our assets, our organizations and people have been working hard already on these topics. If the fleet commander or sub-commanders believe it will work, i'll believe you. @Ostia @Chimaera @Operations Officer does this look realistic to you? no need to go into secret details dealing with Imlperium assets. a Yes or No would make it.
  13. Amy Babe

    Battle Group Configiration

    @ J.Coren: let me call bullshit on your post too ^^ they we even the things! when people use sentences with "normally", or "you just need to"... i don't believe it. This is only my own opinion, and today there is nothing you can do to convince me, nor anything i can do to convince you, since we can't show actual facts. I just rely on my DAOC, everquest, WOW, guildwars experience when we never reached such numbers... But if it actualy becomes possibnle, i'll be very happy and my Polaris will be there
  14. Amy Babe

    Battle Group Configiration

    we already had this discussion and a couple of others tried (without success) to convince you that this is not realistic due to time zones, people playing with friends, doing something else, disconnecting... it was in this thread: at that time, you were talking about 110 people and we already thought it was insane... here you think of 500+. You can theorycraft all you want, anybody with a little experience of how "raids" are working, will tell you that you will NEVER have 500+ people in one operation ( or something VERY VERY VERY special that i can't even think of).
  15. Amy Babe

    Battle Group Configiration

    obvious fllaws after just reading it 10 seconds: * no Hope class endeavor for fleet medical support and respawn * no bomber (missing gladiators and retaliators, sorry polaris won't be enough for bombing runs). * not enough fighters to provide the mandatory mobility when we see that much support ship. * your starfarer are geminis I assume * cutlass red won't fit into a polaris. * the requested man power for such a battle FLEET is insane. this fleet looks like you want to build a defensive battle group (just looking at the number of hammerheads), correct? it is clearly missing offense. to answer yoru question about our ideal battlegroup: Against what? for what purpose? attack vanduuls? defend a fleet? destroy an outpost? gather minerals?