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  1. Idris P or keep Polaris

    ok, ty for this smartest post ever
  2. Thanks a lot for your explanations, i grabed one if ever Imperium needs some of those assets.
  3. can someone tell me what is so freaking exciting about this ship? i just don't feel anything about it, maybe i miss something....
  4. FrogSwarm say hello

    Salut la nuée de grenouilles! Bienvenue chez Imperium, si je peux vous aider de quelque manière que ce soit, n'hésitez pas à me demander. à plus dans l'univers (Hello guys, Welcome to Imperium, If i can be of any help for anything, feel free to ask See you soon in the verse)
  5. i wish this ship is something nobody expects and NOT at all a base builder. for that price i expect a ship people could use on a daily basis, and i don't foresee a base builder being needed every day... please CIG surprise me, Ben said once in a "ben's day with batgirl and ben" that when people see this ship they'll think " i can't believe they are doing this". come one! i want to feel this!
  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. Amy Babe

      Amy Babe

      ty buddy :)

  7. Any chance the concept sale for september is announced this week?

    I would bet for the X1, and the "game changer" for citizen con.

  8. Aegis Sabre

    it does not look like a sabre, it's confusing!
  9. Aegis Idris Frigate

    rest of the world don't use them... that obvisously incorect.
  10. Aegis Idris Frigate

    Rework your sources... french carrier charles de gaule uses 2 catapults US made)
  11. Aegis Idris Frigate

    actually, knowing what i read the last few days, i do prefer the idris P. the M, to use its rail gun, needs to disable its shields, and it will take quite a while to reboot, leaving the Idris relying only on its armor ( and then far less protected) during almost one minute. but ty for the feedback sir
  12. Aegis Idris Frigate

    basically this: * i saw no way to swap the ship positions in the hangar, it is basically a FIFO ( First In First Out) which is a major problem operationwise! I mean, such a carrier should be able to scramble ANY ship of its hangar, whenever it is needed. is a dealbreaker for me.. unless you have a solution I don't see?
  13. Aegis Idris Frigate

    I have a question for you guys owners of an IDRIS... I have been on the fence VERY VERY longtime between a 890j + polaris combo vs IDRIS. In the end i decided to select Polaris + 890 jump foir the following reasons: * crew requirement for the IDRIS will probably be 20+ or more likely 30 (guestimate) which means in no way i will be able to use it on a regular basis (being an old WOW raider, it was such a pain to raid Molten Core with 40 people!). Polaris should be more "week end raids friendly" * i saw no way to swap the ship positions in the hangar, it is basically a FIFO ( First In First Out) which is a major problem operation wise! I mean, such a carrier should be able to scramble ANY ship of its hangar, whenever it is needed. Maybe those reasons are just BS, what do you think? (maybe your answers will make me consider purchasing an idris or armada pack during anniversary sale instead of a polaris)
  14. Origin 600 Thread

    I am so disappointed, i was hoping/expecting/dreaming that i could use the 600i as a backup for my 890 jump in the case i did not need the "big ship" or if the big ship was unavailable, but it seems like it was not designed that way. I will not elaborate all the feelings I have about the "justifications" given by CIG... BS. I now have 2 600i to CCU, one will be ccued to a polaris to recover my precious. the other one? I'll find out later on, the road before release is still long, I have good hope some new $400+ ships matching my play style will be released. SO SAAAAD, i liked the shape so much...
  15. Origin 890 JUMP

    I am weak... i did the same... Bye bye Carrier air wing Combo.. Bye bye UEE exploration pack. but i could not resist to the 890Jump call! I basically have FAR less ships for my bucks, it's not a big deal but i did not actually need all the large ships i had. my old fleet, i liked so much .... Polaris / 600i / Endeavor / Carrack/ crucible / BMM / GEMINI / Cutlass red / Cutlass blue /Sabre NEW fleet : (luckily i stored many CCUs during last anniversary sale) 890 Jump / 600i / 600 i ex / Gemini / Cutlass blue / Prospector / Polaris (when BMM -> Polaris CCU is available) + 3 ships (85X, 300i, 315p) available for future upgrades if needed ... This is a lot more "solo friendly" fleet.