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  1. Hi mate, yes i purchased it from the 890j owner club :)
  2. I downgraded my fleet : + Endeavor Master Set - Carrack - 890 J - Orion - nox ( i'll purchase it in game) - Argo (I'll purchase it in game) Now i'll focus on my primary activities: * Endeavor + Appolo for my medical Job. * Endeavor and Mercury for the science * Endeavor and Mercury for the "breaking bad" side of my activities Stilll have : * My Kraken (fitted with appolo and vulcan) for Org level operations * Polaris for attack runs * Hammerhead for Escort duties.
  3. Hi mate, i have a couple of them in my buy back, i could sell them for their cost but FYI i have to pay VAT. that would be something about 1050 $
  4. Greetings, wanting to purchase a 600i explorer to hull E upgrade about $80. please let me know if you have one! thx Best regards :)
  5. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    what you guys plan on doing with your kraken? i see mine as a mobile base to support large scale operations, may they be civilian or military. a home away from home, a safe spot for those who need to rest, or begging for protection. in time of peace, it will support my mining fleet (prospector and orion) with hammerhead nearby... For civilian and military operations, i plan on spawning the following ships (i actually own all of them) to make sure it offers the maximum versatility. * Terrapin: the scout.. always be aware of the situation, whatever you do. * Vulcan: it can repair the kraken, can repair itself, can repair other ships * Apollo triage, 1 tier 1, 3 tier 3. we leave nobody behind... * nox and dragonflies * Redeemer for additional support and firepower. The other slots will be at Imperium disposal. I think this ship deserves a whole chapter of theorycrafting with the operation officers!
  6. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    lucky enough i had a credit one so:) i'm sorry for these people who could not grab one
  7. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    just purchased a kraken, wave 7 happy amy
  8. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    wave 7... 2 am monday morning...
  9. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    I have been selected, no wave number though. crossing fingers for a quick fix.
  10. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    i did not get any email
  11. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    Any clue if the vulcan would fit into the internal hangar of the kraken? anybody knows if we can spawn multiple ships at the same time? in that case i'd be such an happy guy if it was possible.. i would fit my kraken (if ever CIG lets me purchase one) with my eclipse, redeemer , vulcan, vulture and prospector. The swiss army knife on its way!
  12. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    Drake is now known to deliver its products with top of the line components, but once fully upgraded componentwise AND armorwise (i have read not so long ago that armors can also be upgraded) i assume this baby will be a hell of a support ship
  13. Hello sir, what org do you plan on joining? i assume you don't plan on joining Imperium because here nobody is humble, we are the best of the best kidding welcome in !
  14. I'm sorry folks, theory crafting is not fantasy, theorycrafting to me is serious... otherwise let me explain here how i plan on destroying a battlegroup with a single reliant kore for the sake of theorycrafting, and pleas people you have no other choice than say that what i write is amazing and that you are so lucky to have me around. ok? theorycrafting, imho, is more likely thinking before hand on the best plans that we will actually apply depending on a situation.
  15. Amy Babe

    Drake Kraken

    I applied for one. it gives me vibes of captain harlock :) Would be perfect to assist my mining fleet (Orion and prospector) with deterent presence, refuelling, repairs, firepower if needed and huge cargo hold for the gathered minerals... + it can land when time is come to collect the credits $$$$$$.
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