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  1. ok, theres an event on thursday: "Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Star Citizen's crowd-funding campaign this Thursday at 11am PST / 7pm UTC on twitch.tv/starcitizen" UPDATE!!! We will cancel this show because of the livestream. Enjoy the festivities, praise the developers and throw even more money in the pot. whatever makes you happy and see you nex thursday.
  2. this thursday, 1900 UTC (look up my show in the schedule, because i am so bad with timezones. DJ BMP), i will deliver a "voyage" through psytrance, goa, psy-ambient and so on. that means that i will play many different sub-genres of "goa music" and say some words about them. i will play songs and genres i usually dont use in my sets on The Base or my DJ gigs .. also stuff i dont like :-) but it is for educational reasons and a wish out of the chatroll of last thursday. and beause i am a submissive pleaser, i will deliver :-) ---- So this week was the first Part. Ambient, Chillout, Dub, a little bit of progressive. Next Week (nov 12th) "everything above 130 BPM" .... well a little bit of progressive and dark ambient will be under 130 :-) thanks for all the support in the chatroll! weehamster is the man!
  3. Hi there, my show starts 1800 UTC today. so in abouuuuut 2hrs. Aaand for the first time, i will have a little contest and give away a ship! A Mustang Delta.
  4. unfortunately i am sick and will only stream a recording today. sorry for that but a virus has me. and my body has not the newest virus definitions updated :-) nevertheless i will stream a recording. 2hours of ambient, chill, dub and psychedelic ambient. sorry but i can't sit for 2 hours in front of my equipment yet. next week live again!
  5. uhuh, can't connect. is anything new? i am sorry. i can't stream. can't connect. "connection cancelled" by butt. i guess its my mothers connection. sorry folks, can't get through
  6. hi folks, live in 30 min. out of an retirement home. not kidding :-)
  7. live in 1 hr :-) so what is kitty business, just tell us
  8. live in 2 hrs. without connection issues i guess :-)
  9. live in about 1.5hrs i will start with this and end with :-)
  10. Lya

    Han shoots first again

    some people suggested, that they would cooperate because of ..... profit :-)
  11. all hail disney http://comicbook.com/blog/2014/08/16/exclusive-original-unaltered-cut-of-star-wars-trilogy-to-be-rele/ Original, Unaltered Cut Of Star Wars Trilogy To Be Released On Blu-ray By Disney
  12. hey folks, i believe i have to cancel my show today at 1800. i got the summerflu going around and my head feels bad
  13. Thursday 17th of july (today) - 1800/6pm UTC - DJ BMP @ THE BASE psy-ambient, progressive trance and psy-trance tune in thursdays 1800 UTC @ http://radio.starcitizenbase.com starting in 2hrs Lya aka BMP
  14. hey folks, i am very sorry! my thursday show at 1800 UTC has to be suspended for the next few weeks because of family problems. i will announce, as soon as this period is over and i have the time again. thank you all, "I'll be back"
  15. thank god, this will have his attention now and not the destruction of asimovs foundation. :-) mixed feelings about it, but what do i know. Lya is hiding now ... and observing thanks for the intel
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