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  1. moving in convoys

    Well I imagine if there are electronic countermeasures like active jamming then it will actually advertise your presence much like active sonar does sonar does. It would prevent anyone from knowing any details about you other than you being there though. That kind of thing would represent your whole convoy as 1 big blob and deter pirates from attacking. Its like South American Judo.... Judo know if I have a knife. Judo know if I have a gun. Judo wanna to find out. As a matter of fact, I think thats what the radar jammer should be called. Judo counter-radar.
  2. moving in convoys

    Yeah I can see stuff like that being an arangement beforehand. Here is something I posted in the Fleet Taxation thread that I think applies here too. We dont have to over-complicate things that dont need to be complicated. I for one dont want to organize and put together a convoy everytime i want to make a shipping run.
  3. moving in convoys

    What personal benefit do the people patroling have for patroling? I dont think there is any and so I don't think there will be very many patrols considering the risk to reward ratio is literally 100% risk. With avoidance and escape being the primary goal, I'd say just bringing a hornet tracker as an advance scout instead of decoys would be more effective.
  4. Retaliator vs Connie

    Constellation is smaller, a little faster, can carry medium amount of cargo and is well armed Retaliator is bigger, slower can carry twice as much cargo OR be a capital ship killer but not both at the same time. It's unclear if the missile launchers on the outside of it are still functional in "cargo ship configuration"
  5. Retaliator vs Connie

  6. Retaliator vs Connie

    I'm sure there will be a functioning bomb bay because this ship would be pointless if it didn't. I'm sure it has a cargo bay where the bomb bay goes in the hull. My question is does anyone know how easy it is to go from one to the other? Is it something where you have to take it to "the space mechanic" to have outfitted or can you just change it in your hangar before launch? Edit ^thanks Scotterius
  7. Retaliator vs Connie

    Right, you can go on a trade run or transport something somewhere or bomb the ever loving shit out of someone. does anyone know if a refit like this will be as easy as just changing it in the hangar?
  8. Star Wars sorted alphabetically

    cant........close..........window............ Its a trap!!!!! aaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!
  9. Star Wars sorted alphabetically

    I really hope the person that made this used voice recognition software to time stamp and something else to automatically chop up the videos based on the time stamp. If not..... omg Edit: Once I got to "base" i thought of making a dubstep song with this
  10. Retaliator vs Connie

    Well I think the trick in designing it is in the concept. A bomber is a bomber whether its civilian or not. I think the military grade ship will have the same cargo space and differ by having better targeting system and military grade missiles.
  11. Retaliator vs Connie

    Just checked. Retaliator can carry more than 3 times what the Freelancer can Freelancer - 168 cargo units Retaliator - (replaces missile ordinance) 720 cargo units
  12. Retaliator vs Connie

    Actually the retaliator has about as much if not more cargo space than the freelancer if you pull the missile magazine out and use that space for cargo.
  13. moving in convoys

    I'm not really sure how well that applies considering your handbook is completely based on maneuvering on a 2D plane in vessels that have all their weapons on the top and don't move in the same physics as a space craft would.
  14. Making money

    Depends on how much of that same ore is available in high security space and how much of it is already on the market. whats interesting from what I heard on Wingmans hangar is that the NPCs will be part of the trade economy and players will only account for about 10% of it. This means you cant really do a lot of the market manipulation you would be able to do in other MMOs.