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  1. lol I ageee. Considering the fact that my bucket list consists only of Hangar Module, Dogfight Module, Squadron42, and Star Citizen, with a boat load of patches and updates along the way... I can honestly say April will be a good month
  2. Happy to have found The Star Citizen Base!

  3. I'm not sure how a (not yet digitally rendered) Space Ship from a video game (that is not yet finished) is giving me nightmares while I'm awake... but it's happening.
  4. Same here. I did the exact same thing and thus far (although I have yet to fly it let alone test her out in a dogfight haha) I am pleased with my choice for all of the above.
  5. Hello everyone! So I have recently wondered if other people are naming their ships as I have. I asked a buddy of mine and he told me that he will more than likely wait until the full SC release or until the Dogfight Module is up and running. Seeing as that wasn't the answer I was looking for I figured I would ask you fine people! So how about it? Let's hear/see some names! I'll start: Hangar ID: Asgard Hangar Class: Deluxe Location: (unknown) Manufacturer: Aegis Dynamics Model: Avenger ID: Tyr Role/Function: Bounty Hunting/Personal Transport Manufacturer: RSI (Roberts Space Industries) Model: Aurora LN (Legionnaire) ID: Mjolnir Role/Function: Dog Fighting Manufacturer: Drake Interplanetary Model: Cutlass ID: Viking Role/Function: Piracy/Salvage/Scavenge Manufacturer: MISC (Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern) Model: Freelancer ID: Hermóðr (Hermod) Role/Function: Cargo Transportation/Smuggling and Mercantile Manufacturer: RSI (Roberts Space Industries) Model: Constellation ID: Odin Role/Function: Exploration Manufacturer: Anvil Aerospace Model: Hornet F7C-S Ghost ID: Loki Role/Function: Infiltration/Scouting Manufacturer: Origin Jumpworks Gmbh Model: 315p ID: Heimdall Role/Function: Search and Rescue/Recovery/Engineering
  6. I recently acquired a Hornet F7C-S Ghost. I can't really tell you how she rides because... it doesn't turn on... or move. But it is sweet looking and the cockpit has that new car/spacecraft smell.
  7. Engineer Zachary Wanderer, at your service. Callsign: Wanderer It used to be Zachary the Wanderer on account of my need to wander in the gaming world, so I guess all "surnames" come from some origin or another.
  8. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and to put it simply, Happy to be here. I look forward to playing the Dogfight Module & Star Citizen with all of you in the future!
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