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  1. Good for finances or not, money is not SC's limiting factor. They spend so much time doing things other than just sitting down and crunching out code. That said, I don't think SC will ever sell-out in the game. We're unlikely to ever see a Pepsi or Coke machine in a space station. That's just too easy a target to bash.
  2. Ugh. Another monster movie that thinks it's too cool to actually show the monster.
  3. No need to waste money sneaking around or being a support ship. The Hornet is a fighter, a killer. Be a killer.
  4. Thanks for posting that chart. I agree, this destroyer is pretty small. If you look at the cap ship size chart we had before the Javalin was announced you'll see a big jump between the small destroyer and the massive cruiser. But this ship is just tiny. I suspect that the team isn't all on the same page about ship designs. CR is off doing media and fan interviews and everyone is just doing their own thing.
  5. Bearcat


    I see Mustangs becoming the Talons from Privateer. Cheap light fighters, affordable to pirates, militias, and crazies. We will kill a lot of NPC controlled Mustangs.
  6. I love this thread! These sort of large force tactics actually translate into a space fleet game much more effectively than the air combat maneuvering diagrams do. If anything, employing these tactics should be much easier in a game than in real life for two reasons: 1. Commanders in video games aren't as knowledgeable 2. Individual pilots are far less disciplined than real world militaries, and are more likely to bite off on bait tactics The key elements in these battles include drawing enemies into envelopment situations and divide-and-conquer tactics.
  7. Could be wrong, but I'll pick firepower over stealth. The disadvantage is that you don't get to pick your fights, but the advantage is that you perform better in all fights.
  8. I still have these blueprints at home. After a dozen moves and throwing most things out each time, they always made the cut. I poured over those designs when I was like 8 years old, and they have never lost their charm. I want this to not be true, because it would mean that Star Citizen is a departure from the spirit of Wing Commander. Privateer had many opportunities for play as an exclusively combat oriented pilot. That was the only way I ever played the game. I'll state it now and stick to it: I will never haul a single unit of cargo in Star Citizen. Guild membership or not, Star
  9. At what million dollar mark do we get to unlock "more than one actual fighter" for Star Citizen?
  10. Guilty. I don't own a ton of games, but I have a lot and really don't play any. I sit here at times like this, reading forums about games, not actually playing any games.
  11. HEY! He responded! Thanks for posting this.
  12. I processed through Lejeune for a deployment once. Beautiful area.
  13. Every time I listen to any song for the past year I've imagined it as a SC trailer background.
  14. ERMEHGERD! HERNETS! I bought 6 of them! And then I read this thread and realized that I should have just bought the Digital Col packages and upgraded. So I guess I gave CIG $60 for no reason (4 Super Hornets). Also, I concur with all the various points made by fellow Hornet enthusiast Reavern.
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