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  1. Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology

    Socializer/Explorer for me Socializer/Explorer/Achiver/Killer 80/73/33/13 Good thing I'm in Exploration and not Combat ops lol
  2. AC Multiplayer invites

    I know im way way down on the list, but are these coming through the RSI message systems or the email you signed up with on RSI.com?
  3. @Jake one program I use for a number of things is AutoHotKey and there is a script for it at http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/scripts/JoystickTest.htm that will tell you what buttons you are pressing and what state all the axis are for them. I am still trying to get the rest to work but at least that should help Edit: another link i found on the RSI forums was http://www.burri-web.org/cassini/SCJMapper.html and that application has that feature as well as the ability to export custom XML's, just got the decouple toggle onto my joystick
  4. Trade Routes

    Not only shortcuts, but resource nodes, current prices at any far flung outpost we are refueling at, etc. etc. etc. I think that dynamic updates on universe conditions will be a part of what we do as explorers.
  5. Best Score (Vanduul Swarm)?

    Wave 12, Joystick about 40 mins or so in a Hornet Yea level 12 guy with missiles is not very accurate. even the alphas are tougher by that point, but both my wingmen had died on 11 so it was 6 or 8 on one and it was all I could do to stay alive trying to get locks and a few shots off.
  6. Greetings

  7. Starfarer Tanker: The Ultimate Trade Ship

    I completely agree to that last bit, I'm into exploring more than trade but it still makes me wonder what we will be as a group? some of both or leaning towards one
  8. Freelancer Variants in Patch 11 Files. Release soon?

    This would be a brilliant feature for a exploration ship. Even if it is not standard and takes up a upgrade space, i already thought that the best way to do large system scans was several people lined out at the edge of sensor range, this would make this tactic even more effective or even doable solo. Edit: sorry for the double post, was just reading through a bunch of different forums and didn't realize that i had already posted to this one.
  9. Freelancer Variants in Patch 11 Files. Release soon?

    I'm with you here, i would absolutely love to get in on a crew running a carrack doing some deep space exploration but unless I win the SC jackpot i think that it will be a bit much to handle with just one or two people.
  10. Cire

    Thanks for all the welcomes I look forward to helping out with the exploration and combat scouting as i get to know the ranks better.
  11. Cire

    Introducing myself here:) I have pledged for a freelancer and am very much looking forward to scouting and exploration.