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  1. Didn't know my Capellan homies were here. Sorry, got to leave.
  2. I wouldn't mind joining in with your lot. Haven't flown space sims in awhile. ...well planning on downloading WC: Saga for something to do till this game comes out. Looking to join my hornet in with your line forces. UEE military or bust! Yeah I've done some online league stuff including running of a unit but that was mechwarrior. SO... *salute*
  3. Hi all Ierocis here, that's i.e.r.o.c.i.s. Or just call me Iero("Ear-ro" and "Eye-ro" and accepted). Anyway. Wing Commander player since WC1 first came out on PC so long ago. Played through that series though never got a chance to touch WC: Prophecy. I did manage to play all the others, including Armada, Privateer, etc.. Looking forward to joining up in the UEE squadrons to give the Vanduul a thrashing. Bid in at Wingnut so I can get my hands on one of them Hornets. Cheers
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