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  1. Being that it really is intended to just be an oganisation for casual players who want support or help, there are no specific payments or anything. Your profit will be your own unless you so wish to contribute to the guild funds (if this is a future addition) voluntarily. Members are welcome to take most contracts/jobs, pirating for the sake of pirating is against the Runners code.
  2. For those looking at joining a small organisation with a focus on trading and freelance bounty hunting/exploration, feel free to apply to the Jameson Runners. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/JAMESONRUN Casual players welcome, and if you feel like you have nothing to bring, I personally have an Aurora, so don't feel inferior. Be aware however that anyone looking for support as a Pirate will ultimately be removed. Violence is not discouraged. Being an ass is.
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