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  1. Sandi's Star Citizen Pictures

    I was on a F42 tour last March, and there was a landing zone they showed which i havent seen or knowingly heard anything about since then, my hearing is quite terrible, and it was the first thing we saw and i didnt think to get a bit closer at that point cos they're not exactly speaking loudly cos everyone else around them is working, so if they said the name of the location i didnt catch it, but ive never seen concept art like it, and even then it looked a new level of amazing the environmental detail on show. We didnt see much interior, but i'd say it seemed like it might be similar to the Nyx demonstration where the surface assets is like 10% of it, meaning there could have been a lot unfinished we didnt see and needing tons of work. The reason i bring it up is just to kinda point out that that was just 1 thing i saw nearly 13 months ago which we've seen nothing off publicly, from 1 studio, so who knows just how much more they've done since i saw a snippet, plus the other studios too. That summer asset leak nearly 2yrs ago showed us just how much we're not seeing, even with the openness we have, that it puts things into perspective somewhat. The live content might feel like everything is moving slowly, but its just the live content, theres still tons of stuff we'd never even know about, beyond speculation of what we'd expect them to need (ie a decent variety of Vanduul ships).
  2. Aegis Reclaimer

    We've been through this like 3 messages back, something being placed on a show floor for an expo does NOT guarantee its capable of landing, and jumping to conclusions doesnt make it so. It'd be perfectly plausible for Aegis to bring in a show floor model in order for people to see it, rather than just have posters and brochures etc. Im not arguing it CANT land, only that the setting isnt completely natural, but it definitely is staged, at least to some degree. Landed in the back of either the gamescom or citcon demos, sure, call it. But these sort of expo's use display models, so if that happens in reality why assume differently of a game equivalent. It being there probably gives it more likelihood, but thats it, its not a conclusive source.
  3. Aegis Reclaimer

    Yeah, something being displayed on ground isnt the same as it being capable of it, or it getting their of its own means for that matter. I'd treat it as a display model for show purposes and thats it. It may well end up being able to land, i just dont think a show floor can be trusted as representative of how things are.
  4. Aegis Reclaimer

    Well, havent they said that ships smaller than the capitals will de-spawn, they wont be persistent. So they shouldnt get jacked, we'd just request it when we arrive on the station. The work could probably be requested to be done by robots while we're travelling there, meaning we wouldnt need to do it, wouldnt need to see it happening, and probably wouldnt have to wait around either, but if we were 5min away and it was a 10min job, maybe we'd just have to keep ourselves occupied till the service bots have finished with it. At least i'd imagine we'd have our own bots in our hangar, and be able to hire then on stations to do work for us.
  5. Aegis Reclaimer

    Momentarily ignoring whatever CIG have said about whether a ship can land or not, it might be worth remembering that landing at a space station like Port Olisar and landing somewhere like Arc Corp are 2 very different situations. Some ships like the Orion just might be too awkward to fit landing gear onto, because of its rotating ore pods. The reclaimer could plausibly get landing gear without it requiring much change as the lowest point is the body itself (unlike the Orion and its rings). But i dont see it being an issue spawning in a ship that cant land, as long as its docked to the port your at you just board it that way. If you want to get to a planets surface then you'll likely need public transport to shuttle you down.
  6. Starfarer

    Yeah. Cant see it being changed though, which is the sad thing really. Hopefully the eventual implementation of decor customisation will give us a degree of control that allows us to keep a utility look but more in-keeping with the other floors. That could (and should) be a long way off though. Not the end of the world, its probably my only gripe with the ship, and its an insignificant one that should be addressable by the player/owner so on that basis it doesnt bother me if they didnt go back and update it because they cant please everyone and its time wasted if say 50% of owners are only going to end up re-skinning it anyway.
  7. Starfarer

    Cant deny im still rather disappointed by that communal room, in fact, most of the habitation floor. Its always felt like its had temp textures, greybox or something. The lack of colour i think is what does it, it makes it look incomplete and compared to say the Phoenix with its white panels, they have a certain finish to them that looks finished, not just being a surface awaiting textures. It just needs some accent colours to make it come alive (more #F60 orange plz ), just a few stripes, something... And the Captains room, ignoring the loss of the fishtank which IMO was a really nice touch that disappeared later and for the Thanksgiving stream (iirc), we started seeing pics of the room with the custard yellow desk & panels (not my first choice, but okay). Replaced with more white - yey All the other floors look like they're finished, the top deck just feels like it needs a splash of paint as we have 3 floors of dark greys with heavy splashes of vibrant orange, and then the 4th floor is white and light greys, and feels completely out of place. I cant even see the utility to dark work areas and heading back to the communal spaces and being hit by white doesnt seem helpful either, so i dont even understand it from a realism POV to understand why its been left like that. Does anyone have any thoughts on why it might be like this? Obviously its not an 890 so it wont be hand-crafted surfaces from luxury materials, but it feels cold and unfinished compared to other floors, IMO.
  8. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    This is nonsense. They'll operate within a window that CIG feels is appropriately balanced. Saying anything otherwise is just being facetious and unhelpful to any discussion. There will be strengths & weaknesses to anything. AI Targeting = Expensive to buy, need additional power, cpu cycles and cooling to operate. However they dont demand a wage, cant be somewhere else where they might be needed (also cant go wandering off when they're needed) etc. They also dont need life support to function, and maybe if you're soloing (just an example) you might be able to downgrade that to 1 soul and beef up the powerplant etc. As for how good they are, well they'll be exactly the same as anything else, weapons, ships, systems. You'll go with whatever option you think is best, but there will be drawbacks that arent simply price related, and everything will have its toll on other areas. You want an uber AI, it needs an uber CPU, that needs more cooling, and they all need more power, and before you know it you're sacrificing something else, because i dont believe the perfect build will exist, so you'll have insufficient something as a consequence. Its all getting rather off-topic though. Until we have things in our hands to assess whether they're better or worse, on a ship that isnt finished, its not going to have any conclusive answer.
  9. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Someone should make a simple Starfarer floor plan!! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20670693/Mercury/Starfarer_floor_plan_full.jpg Just to answer the earlier comment (i know its OT) - All of the systems on the Starfarers are on the 3rd floor, other things might take damage and need to go on a trek to repair it, but its not getting any better on an Idris etc. Also, multi-floor elevator - firstly, one argument could be that the interaction panels currently only do 2 states, on/off, upper floor/lower floor, theres no choice, its just go to other state, but for SQ42, when they were building the ship if they didnt have multi-option panels implemented they'd either have to hold the whole release or cut it from SQ, ive also looked previously to see if a multi-floor lift was possible and didnt find anywhere it could go without changing quite a lot, and assuming all the usable internal space is being used. Its not that much of an inconvenience to go from top to bottom & back, as long as you know your way around. The 2 side by side ladders take you from 2nd to 4th easy enough, and its on the same side of the ship as the stairs from 1st to 2nd, theres very little walking/running involved infact. Its just a matter of knowing the quickest way.
  10. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    That thread says nothing though, the closest would be someone saying they tend to increase at HR & FR. Well, the Sabre & Vanguard didnt, the Starfarer, Reliant & Khartu-Al did... its a pattern of inconsistency, but its wrong to say "considering they're upping the price" because thats a statement of fact, then followed up with a price which is guessed.
  11. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Yeah, making the assumption is one thing, i just wasnt aware of CIG saying anything for certain. Thats fair enough, that earlier comment ("considering they're upping the price to over $400 from the original $350") implied it was known. I'd be surprised if they didnt increase most, but then theres rarely any consistency with CIG. They gave an explanation of how price increases would come about 2yr ago, Concept, HR and FR. They applied that principle to the Gladius, and then went all the way to the Starfarer about 18mo later without applying any increases. We had the Sabre and Vanguard go from a twinkle in an Aegis workers eye, to flight ready in that time, no price increase. Since then, they cant get enough of it. Starfarer, Khartu-Al, Reliant, all increased in 5 months (Reliant went up 15%, $50 to $65 and hasnt changed at all), everything that could be increased, has been. I've been working on calculations based on what the BMM might be worth, to see if theres a way to use the knowledge of a near-certain price bump on that, if its Starfarer ($100) sized, while the Carrack, Reclaimer, Orion etc are all smaller ($50) then owning a couple of BMMs before a price bump could save you $50 towards a Carrack or whatever. However that UEE Explorer pack, $85 cheaper than its contents + package, it largely negates 2x $50 gains with BMM price increases.
  12. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    They've actually confirmed its going to be $400 in the future? Are there others they've done this with also (particularly those large T3 ships)? Hadnt heard about that, although 2x UEE Exploration packs has helped us lock down everything we really wanted (Carrack, Reclaimer, Orion & Hull C) as we were just waiting till the Nov/Jan sale for the free-reign on most CCU paths (still are, i suppose).
  13. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    Yuuup, and then CR saying end of January. March 18th it ended up being When people were seeing the Cat in AtV etc, i recall plenty of people thinking it'd be in the next patch, that was around May and i suspected it was more likely October. If the Starfarer has taught us anything, its that these things take time and having something that looks finished (what parts they show us) doesnt mean it is. The Carrack could easily be a year long task. Maybe see some early progress of it after 6mo, look close around 9mo, but i cant see it being with us till late 2017 and the same applies to all those T3 large ships (Reclaimer, Orion, Endeavour etc).
  14. I have a suggestion, the physical package plays no part in this, hopefully it makes sense... 2 Assumptions - Firstly, im assuming the SH is a $175 standalone, not a package. Its of no consequence, but the numbers will be based on $175. Secondly, it'll have minimal impact on you if you still have an unmelt token available. For simplicity, im working on those 2 assumptions. - Melt the Orion and Super Hornet. That gives you $500. - Buy the $495 UEE Explorer pack instead (Carrack, Terrapin, Dragonfly and SC/SQ42 package etc). - MELT the UEE Explorer pack the next day. - Unmelt that Super Hornet! At this point, the only thing that should have changed is that you no longer have the Orion, instead you have those credits. The Orion is available for buy-back later, as is the UEE explorer pack. From there, you've got 3 options for the FUTURE: 1 - You decide you were perfectly happy with what you had all along, its just a case of using your next free token to get the Orion back. No gain, no loss, nothing changed. 2 - CIG implement the Cross Chassis Downgrade. If this does happen, you'll be able to go back and unmelt that UEE pack, turn that Carrack into an Orion (gain $25 credit), and the Terrapin into a Super Hornet (+$15), then you'll get the ships you had all along, a free Dragonfly, and you'll have gained credits too. The UEE pack is $85 cheaper than the ships value alone, technically you've saved $50 and got a Dragonfly extra - all LTI too. So for the inconvenience of that Orion not being classed as yours, you've got the ships you have today, and $50 credit too (and +20,000 UEC in the future too). 3 - Do a different version of events with the UEE packs contents. Does all that make sense? Its not that different if you dont have a token spare, next one would be issued first week of October, the one after would be January. Option 1, with no tokens you'd have that LTI Orion back first week of January, and it certainly wont be hangar ready or flyable by then, so you wont miss out on anything. Without that token to buy the SH back, you've got $500, buy a basic Hornet and $400 of other ships to temporarily play with to ease the inconvenience till October rolls in? Ive actually gone through the process with 2 of these packs, one on a mates account - he wants Carrack & Hull C (Terrapin+$5) and he's got the Dragonfly and credits left over too, and i bought one for myself - Reclaimer (Carrack +$0), Orion (Terra+$130) and ive also got a Dragonfly and saved $50 of my credits. Its meant i can upgrade the Dragonfly to something else, no cost to me, no financial loss to CIG either. Hopefully that makes sense and is useful. Nothing like what you were asking originally, but it sticks with your desire to keep that physical package, has minimal impact on what you can play (if any) and potentially leaves you better off.
  15. Anvil Carrack - Dedicated exploration ship

    "next week"?? I recall hearing them repeatedly say it'll be started once they've finished with the Caterpillar. Cant say i've ever heard them give any timeframe.