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  1. I'm getting a interceptor specifically to fill this role as an offshoot from exploring.
  2. You mean I won't be bouncing off moon and planet surfaces? Well not based off not knowing my actual altitude anyway.
  3. I don't think you'll notice unless you're programming thread heavy simulations for research with the i7. Seems to me the newest technology at the lowest clock rates seem to be the way to go for bang for the buck. Right now I'm running an i7 8700 w/16GB RAM and a 1080. Everything runs great.
  4. I'd drop the i9 to an Intel i7 Coffee Lake and take RTX 2080 regular over the 2070. You really won't notice the difference in the CPU but will notice in the next year for the GPU. Just my thoughts. 😃
  5. Am I the only illicit goods smuggler? Drugs, guns, ponies as long as its illegal I'll be smuggling it.
  6. Team Concept - Divide and conquer w/Starfarer fuel logistic support and a wing of Combat Ops to run back to. And a pony...ok maybe the pony was too ambitious. We'll work on the pony.
  7. Pay is a driving factor in any game that expense is generated to continue normal operation. Covering operational costs should be the responsibility of the interested parties. For small scale operations this is true, larger scale starts leeching from the Fleet's larder. A honor-bound general contract for Imperium members for their services would be helpful in setting ground rules for small scale operations. Perhaps there could be a contract council to decide rates of pay and resolve contract disputes. Larger operations would have their own set of rules considering the sanctioning of higher authority. Also the Commander's Cut, say at 3% of total profit, should suffice in generating enough capital to make the Fleet's footprint grow when utilizing Fleet contracts. Consider using a higher tax rate for more Fleet intensive operations to cover ship, equipment, and cargo losses. In a nutshell: 1) Small ops paid for by contract members with a small fee for Fleet, larger ops paid by contract members and Fleet with a larger fee rate. 2) General contract for Fleet members. Creation of a contract council. (More work for officers.) 3) 3% Profit Tax small scale ops. Variable rate for larger scale ops. (More Fleet involvement requires more Fleet investment.) My two cents.
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