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  1. Thanks, I tried looking but didn't see anything... Donated a little as well
  2. How do you get those Donator emblems on your name?
  3. astro's lol niceee .. Anyone know if the Polk headsets (coming out for the xbox one) that are wireless will work with PC as well?
  4. I tried clicking that link.. but it says i'm not allowed to see it.. how do i gain access to this area?
  5. i'm hoping so! we shall see once we get it off the ground this year! it's itching to get a little space under it
  6. Thank you everyone! Glad to be apart of it
  7. Corran Horn


    Hey guys, Just registered to the site but i've been a backer of RSI for a looong time now.. about a year and 1/2 now... Ready to get started I'm a big star wars fan and I'm Georgia (state not country) I'm not sure how I'm going to play the game so i'll throw it as a freelancer for now I have the Origin 325a fighter (edit) added what starfighter i had
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