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  1. Hello Imperium! I want to show you a neat project over at TGN that really represents the awe that Star Citizen can bring, we are actually retelling the stories over at RSI and put them in a cinematic environment using different games to make it come to life. Today, witht he first issue, CaptainShack enters the universe of Star Citizen, delving deep into the game's developing lore through the perspective of Christian Mayer - an explorer of Vanduul Space. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comment section on youtube, we need 100 comments to make this a recurri
  2. I am sorry (starship)Troopers, my alliance lies with the raven squad of the 317th! Thanks for considering though. Untill we may meet again, in the 'Verse!
  3. Welcome welcome! Good to have ye, may we meet someday in the 'Verse!
  4. I am currently involved in negotiations for a foot on the ground, or squadron rather . So maybe If it goes south I will consider. (I have nothing against the Vanduul though, they are just misunderstood :/ ) Cya in the 'Verse!
  5. Greetings Kalo, and Welcome!
  6. Greetings Imperium! I am Rob, or as my friend call me: Purrfect Blinky (SCB name). I had searched the internet galaxy for a fitting organization to pledge my allegiance to, and I have found that organization. Imperium already is a solid community, and I wanted to be a part of it! Currently I am studying Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen (Holland) and I am a core gamer. Dogfighting captivated me the first time with the N64 title 'Rogue Squadron', which I played a fair lot. Team centered gameplay elements first appealed to me in the World of Warcraft, were coordinati
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