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  1. Price reduced, special pricing for IMPEIUM MEMBERS ONLY!
  2. Pioneer LTI $1100 - $950 for Imperium MEMBER ONLY Large Land Claim (8x8) x 2 - $250 each - $200 for Imperium MEMBER ONLY Verified Paypal invoice ONLY! Fastest response via Discord
  3. I agree, it needs a bit of change. According to the talks that took place at the concierges event this past week, CIG is aware and working to change the way hover works at a fundamental level. It should be better in the near future, ie...SOON. I believe it is highlighted in this video.
  4. I loved how Zyloh was forced to add that addendum after the video released and the "vocal" part of the community shredded them for releasing tutorials just a few short weeks before much of the information was to be made irrelevant by patch 3.5. Which I actually agree with, it was very poor timing, as usual.
  5. Probably @Devil Khan, but I'd rather it take longer and not be reworked 4 times.
  6. Exactly. So we should all freak out and trash CIG for...(insert your "concern" here)!
  7. I've done it on a 980ti with a 4790k before with 3 1080p monitors, but SC is not optimized for a triple monitor setup so you will see stretching of the image halfway from the edges of each peripheral monitor. It's not bad once you get used to it but certainly something to keep in mind.
  8. The cinematic story telling is superb. Did you apply for that CIG job you were hoping for yet?
  9. I said the same thing when I bought the 1080ti. The again, I just need a card that can run Star Citizen at a decent framerate and even though I probably over paid for the card, I'm thinking it will likely do the job barring any premature failures. Fingers crossed. So for me, since I doubt Star Citizen will adopt ray tracing tech anytime soon it isn't really a selling point for me, but if/when they do I suppose I'll just drop another grand on another card.
  10. Only if you know what you're looking for and if you have the power to use it. Also, the best art and effects are the ones you don't notice!
  11. It's coming. Unless they Tag and Bag Elon Musk...It's coming
  12. looks pretty good
  13. Juntau

    300i rework

    Yep, looks like they nailed down the origin look. I like it, I think...
  14. It really comes down to the answer to the unanswerable question, "How long"? I am of the opinion that as long as they continue to develop and deploy new systems, it can be worked into the game in such a way that it makes sense. Considering the fact that, the first time you try to complete a new task almost always takes the longest and each consecutive attempt become progressively easier and therefore faster, then we will see from CIG the same pipeline progress as we did from the ship pipeline. The problem is, will it be efficient enough to deliver the promised 100+ systems before we, or the game DIES? Impossible to tell, but I'm sure they will try like hell to meet that goal.
  15. I'm on the fence on this one. There's no way to give a good, definitive answer. First off, they should not have done the question at all, because they really don't know how long it's going to take. There are just too many variables. Not to mention the fact they don't have one system complete yet. So how could anyone possibly use that as a gauge. I think it was handled as well as it could have been, but it does seem to leave more questions than answers. I think the point was to let people know that they know it's an issue that needs to address. One thing is certain. There will NOT be 100 systems at launch, which I am okay with. Provided there is enough content in the play space to keep everyone busy, it will be just fine. The concern of whether or not all systems are complete before you die is likely irrelevant as one person would not likely be able to visit them all in any meaningful way anyways. It is another case of over promising from years ago before they knew exactly what they we building. If it were just space stations, it would be easy enough, but with ultra detailed planets and landing zones on these planets the difficulty has increased by an insanely large amount.
  16. Juntau

    Origin 890 JUMP

    So much up talking in this video. Makes want to punch someone.
  17. The above assumption is based on the premise that all star systems are created equal, which they are not. Some will have cities, some will not. Some will have multiple planets, some will not. However, the Op's math is accurate and it should be assumed that it will take considerable time to complete all systems shown in the current star map. How much time depends on what @Boildown has pointed to. Tools! Tools, tools and more tools! The SOLed tool as demonstrated is very powerful and showed that a very basic system can be created in a less than one hour. With more refinement I believe this tool will have the ability to create more detailed features in any given system, such as predefined biomes, fauna and other key feature of a planetary body. This is unfortunately only a part of the equation. What about cities, outposts, missions? They will certainly need procedural assistance in all aspects of creation if, as stated by the Op, we would like to see the star map realized in less than 25 years. Good thoughts @Dwenos
  18. It's amazing to me, the mindset of the modern gamer. Do you want to "finish" the game like you would in say Tomb Raider? Or do you want to live in "the game"? How long do you want playability? 1 month, 1 year, 10 years? If it takes a month or two of casual game play to catch you next ship upgrade at the start, is that too long for an MMO? As has been stated above and by CR during the presentation, the ship prices shown are not final. Hell, nothing is final. We have no idea, and at this point neither does CIG, regarding how long it should take to earn credits, what mission payouts should be, ect. Advice. Relax and enjoy the ride.
  19. Well done good sir, well done. Just like the prospector commercial. Please keep them coming, I enjoy watching!
  20. Juntau

    MISC Endeavor

    Yes @Pharesm, that's exactly what happened. CR specifically said, "The scope of the game will increase with the amount of funding". So it is written, so let it be done. The backers absolutely voted with their wallets. Not all backers mind you, but enough to push the funding to astronomical levels no one ever thought was possible. Some people love it, some people hate it, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. Ironically, when backing any kickstarter such as Star Citizen, you really don't know what you were paying for at the time. It could have turned out to be anything, or nothing at all. Considering failure is a real possibility for any crowd funded project. I am of the opinion that most people who bought into the whole, "we have no publisher to hold us back" or the "stick it to the big publisher" line may not have been listening or not had the foresight to know what that would entail. Are folks tired of waiting? Yes. Myself included, but now that we are here, at this moment in time, most people that I talk to are more optimistic than pessimistic. Which is as it should be. It's not fun living in the dark hole of the past passing judgement and second guessing every decision made that has been far beyond our control. Personally I am content with the state of the game and I also understand that to make a great game takes a significant amount of time. Considering the increase in scope, it is entirely possible that the full functionality of the persistent universe not be realized for several year to come. However, the game as you describe it, may be found in Squadron 42, or it may not. As far as the technical limitations of what can and can not be done, any armchair developer can say something can not be done. Mostly because they don't have the technical skills or the knowledge to create the impossible. Mind you, I realize that nothing that you have stated above is nonfactual but in my eyes, it really comes down to a matter of perception and patience. Furthermore, the story regarding John leaving CIG has been clarified long ago. Please reference the following. In closing, my deepest sympathies go out to you and any other backer that is not satisfied with the direction CIG has taken. But again I say, it is what it is and now that it has been ruled in a US court that CIG is not liable to refund backer funds at this time I find the discussion to be a dead horse. One thing is for certain, venting about how things have changed will not change a thing. Edit. please do not tag me to solicit a response. There will be no need for further discussion on my part regarding the above topics. Thank you! Now, on to the topic at hand. I think people would be surprised regarding the number of current and future backers that will be more interested in the exploration and/or science aspect of this project over those who would prefer straight up combat. You may ask, juntau, how do you know this? Because it is my business to know where the pulse of the community is at any given time. See https://thebase.sc/ for details. To the question, will I be able to find suitable crew for my Endevour? The answer is a big fat maybe. Do you have the ability to make lots of friends? Then it is possible. Are you more of a loner that wants to do things your way? Then the answer will likely be, no. Will everyone who has one of these big ships be able to operate it daily? When you sit down and do the math, the answer is a definite no. There are simply not enough players to man every capital ship every day. With that said, there is a glimmer of hope for capital ship owners. That is, the Aurora pilot. It is likely that single ship owners will like to participate in capital ship shenanigans. So my advice would be, play nice and make lots and lots of friends. You're going to need them!
  21. Too be honest, if optimizations continue to show such dramatic improvements it will be possible to play this game on an above average laptop, but fuck the console crowd. PC gamers needed something that was just for them and far beyond the consoles capability. If it weren't a PC exclusive title I would have likely not backed the project. Certainly not to the degree I have.
  22. The ironic part is that they are not actually delays. Only in the minds of the backers, otherwise it's just good old game development.
  23. Holy fuck!!! That's amazingly accurate for most of the civilized world.
  24. I'm pretty sure @Moderators can merge the threads
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