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  1. So far looks like no takers...I'll just sit here in the shadows until we find someone as I'm currently into ESO.
  2. I was looking at buying https://ecoauth.strangeloopgames.com/home game seems decent...was wondering if there was any interest of anyone else purchasing as I'd be willing to buy a 4 pack then sell out the remaining 3 keys. If we can get 2 or 3 people interested at the start I'll get it otherwise i'll make a solo purchase.
  3. According to PayPal; " When it comes to digital goods, there isn’t any buyer or seller protection on them. This is the same for any virtual item purchased. Due to this you won’t be able to open a case though the PayPal system. " So if you get scammed they don't give a FK. They don't offer buyer/seller protection so it's out of their hands you get scammed it's your fault. This is mainly why I'm very surprised people are actually buying such expensive ships. It wouldn't be that hard to Photoshop a jav/idris to show you owning it then you get a 1-2k windfall. Just saying takes balls of steel if you ask me to buy on the grey market.
  4. CR said in the livestream all the way up to episode 7. As long as there was a want they'd make them. Sent from my XT1049 using Tapatalk
  5. There must be bots or something of that kind because most of those games I've never heard of so IDK how they could remotely be above SC.
  6. At what point do you think this money will go towards S42 episode 2? I partially think we've hit it already because once S42 Episode 1 hits they have all that hard work done to make S42 Episode 2. That being said what I hope also happens is since they have more and more money I hope it allows them to increase their workforce 2x what it would have been at 50 million so everything gets done faster. Yes they add more stuff but the base promises should get done faster.
  7. LOL!! Some days i wouldn't trade it for the world others...i wish I was working at a job.
  8. I'm a 31 yr old stay at home dad. I have 2 beautiful little girls 2 and 4. Sometimes I get to play a lot during the day while others...not so much. Look forward to getting to know some of you and having a blast!
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