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  1. Welcome.. good group of people here. And I am picky about who I am seen with
  2. > Trying to connect to server on ts.starcitizenbase.com <08:16:07> Failed to connect to server <08:16:21> Trying to resolve hostname ts.starcitizenbase.com Via Portal.... I have it working now... AV was interfering
  3. Be advised that I have gotten my new tower successfully built and am now online. I need help still with getting my controls and joystick working. I am unable to connect to teamspeak, the address I have gives me error messages. Should anyone be free at anytime to help me with these things, please send me an email; it will ping both computer and phone. I am pleased to be once more among you.....
  4. Waiting for the parts for my new tower so I can get on Star Citizen.  Wishing they would hurry the hell up.....:wacko:

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    2. Wyvyrias


      Which means world peace is a bad thing.
      People are waiting for it, but even after thousands of years...they're still waiting. :parrot:

    3. Kendis


      Maybe we just need to wait a few thousand years more :P (Sry for deviating from your status topic ;D )

    4. Nekhron Kirov

      Nekhron Kirov

      Now listen here yall...  I had enough hurry up and wait when I was in the 7th Cav... lol... :blink:

  5. I, being an old cavalryman in real life, and a Recon Cav Scout in Mechwarrrior, will keep to these areas of endeavour and have decided that I will have the SuperHornet, Tracker, and Ghost sthips in my hangar. In addition to my Aurora LN, a Constellation Aquila or some such vessel as well perhaps. The role that I intend to fill is 70% military, 20% exploration, and 10% Smuggling / Mercantile.
  6. TyrExa, I am interested in the SuperHornet and the Constellation Aquila package you have. Do you still have them? Please PM me at your leisure, so that we may discuss them. Or, alternatively, you may email me directly if you wish, sirrah. I look forward to hearing from you.
  7. Okay everyone, thank you all for allowing me to vent. Got TS up and running, and got my gift cards sent. I also made new bookmarks to the places I need to go for Imperium, which will make things simpler. Now I am going to try to relax. I have had a rotten day.
  8. I am so aggravated and frustrated! It seems like everything changes weekly, I can never find anything or information as to HOW to do things. I am trying to get on TS, it wont let me on. I am trying to send a gift card to a fellow member and cannot locate the mechanism whereby I can do that. I am about to have a serious meltdown! If someone would be so kind as to PM me and maybe help me with just the TS and the instructions how to send a gift card to a fellow member I would be ever so grateful!! (Apologies for the semi - rant)
  9. Flamadin, how much for Superhornet?
  10. What kind of Ship is that? Cargo? Passenger? How much you want for it?
  11. Do you still have a Superhornet?
  12. I thank you, Sir, for your gracious response. It seems that you and I are in the same age bracket, as I just turned 50 in July and we are also both Gentlemen as well. I am from the Great State Of Mississippi originally, though I live in Oregon now, and can rightfully claim the title and mantle of a Southern Gentleman. Men of Manners, Respect, and Breeding like us are a dying breed, alas... I have added you as a friend, Sir and hope we shall explore the vast reaches of the universe together someday. I would be able to come up some, from my initial offer. No where near the $175 you ar
  13. I am interested. However, I am a disabled combat veteran living on my VA disability, so $175.00 is a little steep for me. However, if you should find that you still need to sell it and are willing to go down to $100.00 or so, please let me know.
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