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  1. i typed up a story to win the avenger and then realized it was for Australia only then i cried lol. Hopefully another company does one for the US
  2. ya i want a avenger as well but i suck at anything art related lol
  3. Cougar

    Hey guys!

    i bought the aurora LN and applied for membership:-D im hoping to get into the explorers although i know the LN isnt the best exploration ship but im gonna get either the connie or freelancer when i get more money.
  4. welcome to the forums.
  5. welcome to the forums.
  6. Cougar

    Hey Peepz

    welcome to the forums fellow newbie!
  7. Cougar

    Hey guys!

    hey guys heres a question and i apologize if its been answered but say i buy the aurora LN package to reserve a beta slot and be able to apply for imperium. if i upgrade/melt or whatever its called to say the freelancer does that upgrade my pledge status as well? i.e the credits flash drive etc? or do i have to pledge for that right off the bat to get those?
  8. Cougar

    Hey guys!

    dang some of you have like every ship. who's getting the 890 jump when it comes out?
  9. Cougar

    Hey guys!

    apparently combat ops is first to fight but also first to greet? :-p
  10. Cougar

    Hey guys!

    hi guys my names donkdat and i look forward to seeing you guys in space:). I am interested in joining Imperium as it seems like a clan that has the teamwork support and organization to actually accomplish the things i want from the game. The issue i have is i have yet to get a ship because i look at them all and cant decide on just one but don't have the extra income to drop on multiple ships. Any suggestion on a good ship that would be good for both combat and exploration? i was drooling over the connie, considering the freelancer but looking more closely at the 325 or aurora LN as i dont know how well the freelancer would stand up in combat. If anyone has a extra LTI ship that would be good for what i'm looking for and is willing to part with it id love to purchase it:) Thanx for stopping by:)
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