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  1. I 've been out of things for a while, but isn't Star Citizen Base an in-game org like the OP is looking for? Or are things organized different them from what I remembered? I'm not clear on why they were told to keep a look out for good orgs in-game. I thought this WAS a good org in game.
  2. Hey All, I've been gone for years, but have been keeping track of SC progress off and on since my original pledge yeaaarsss ago. Looking to get back into the game. Happy to see you guys are still around and growing!
  3. Kind of cool that the constellation is Chris Roberts preferred ship(TNGS 1.8)!.
  4. I finally gave in and bought one yesterday. I get this ill-rational joy out of just looking at it in the hanger..I can't imagine what I'm going to be like when I actually get to fly it.
  5. My reason for finally getting one was pretty simple, the damn thing looks cool. LOL
  6. @Diadra, excellent points! maybe we would be better served investigating the tactics developed over the years in other space sims/games like eve.
  7. I just joined the corp but I think this is a great topic. Until the game gets into alpha the DFM (once out) will be where it is at and corps will be comparing the dog fighting skill of their guys to others. Looking at the site Mention provided, would maneuver be the most relevant to dog fighting? Or armament?
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