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  1. It couldn't be because of the shirts but the Dragonflies, right?
  2. Ah, I was hoping to see new shirts but dang I did not expect nearly $30 for it.
  3. (I don't get people who eat crocs or whatever that was, but okay.) So weird! I'm actually barbecuing hamburgers, corn and whatnot for dinner tonight! Anyways it looks delicious! I don't know how I never thought of this before (The mushroom one is one I definitely have to try!)! I actually never knew how to butterfly nor have I ever seen onions cut like that! So much easier! I have to remember it! The pepperjack cheese makes everything awesome, so this guy gets another thumbs up for using it!
  4. I love the goofy ones that won but I'm wondering why they said it shouldn't be fancy/defined if that's what they were really looking for. xD
  5. Updated the OP as of June 2016 for item changes!
  6. ^ I agree Boildown. If something doesn't happen soon this season will have been utterly boring with the exception of Jon Snow being revived and revealed as the Prince that was Promised.
  7. Finally, a female model! I know it isn't important just yet but it is nice to see it being worked on. The collector's box looks pretty nice, even if it is rather simple.
  8. I realize the rule is just "draw something unpolished" but I am actually interested in what exactly is a "Ben Drawing". lol
  9. @Gabriel Theodoulos Thank you! $40 a year? Not a month? That's really good! How is the quality of that VPN service though? Super slow? It is a shame there isn't a trustworthy free option available. Everyone could have the privacy they deserve.
  10. I do not like the idea of my ISP watching what I do, watch, search up or even watch. It isn't right. I have been looking for a VPN to use that will make me truly anonymous (where the VPN doesn't store logs) that doesn't cost a fortune per month, but that has been quite a battle. Also, there should be a poll option for "No, but I want to".
  11. It is always awesome to see fixes, updates and changes but at this point I really feel like a broken record saying, "But have they fixed the service side fps issues?"
  12. What has it been, two hundred years? Glad it is finally arriving but if the demos shows what the game is going to be like it will be absolutely terrible. Just a huge graphics test with absolute poor performance. EDIT WOW. That autocorrect...
  13. I am actually far more interested in the 1070 and its performance. I would like to upgrade from my 280 to something that can be pushed a bit more and would like my next card to be on the green side. But I guess I should wait for AMD to really decide.
  14. I really hope that Jon and Sansa can rescue Rickon in time. It sucks Osha had to die though. I feel like it was a really stupid decision because she wouldn't go down that easily. They are making Ramsay into a god and it is annoying the hell out of me. Now that Dany has a horde of Dothraki behind her, I can't imagine she is going to face much difficulty in her endeavours.
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