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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Welcome! I just moved from Chicago and miss the Lou Malnati's among other things! Lived Irving Park and Southport. Have a slice from me and glad to have you on board.
  3. Nice build Cherubim! Very clean cable management.
  4. Heres pics of it the first night of power on and one of ready for transport before I secured it with blankets and sweatshirts
  5. Moved from Chicago to Orlando area about a week ago and had to pack up the rig for the move. I drove it down there as I didn't trust it to the movers! I will be back home on the 15th and should have everything back up and humming around the 18th or so. I will post pics and a writeup along with benchmarks when I'm back to it. In the mean time, here is a quick video I took before I had to break it down about a week after I got it all finished. Sorry for the poor video quality- took it with my Iphone. I'll provide better shots and video the next round of version 2.0! -Yoshi IMG_8629.MOV
  6. Here is my work "Rig" to keep the thread going Imperium fleet: We got buttons.... and monkeys to push them.
  7. Yoshi

    Geekdomo here

    Welcome GeekDomo! I played all of the Chris Roberts games back in the gaming days of yore. I have fond memories of upgrading sound blaster cards and monitors those fancy new 3.5" floppy drives and 4x (four speed!!!) CD-ROM drives to facilitate playing the new wing commanders and beyond. We alot of our strength lies in us "older" gamers. Welcome and make yourself at home. Take Care, Yoshi
  8. Its my first build. Wanted to leave a little room to grow
  9. Getting closer to completion on my Star Citizen build. Just one more piece of acrylic tubing to bend up, some cable management to tend to, and then just sit back and wait for the 4960X to be released so I can drop it in. I'll post full specs and benchmarks when its online and primed -Yoshi
  10. Planning on doing any upgrades ($5,$10) whatever for any of the ships I have just to help support as well. Whatever is going on with the repair bot we saw on (I think) the kickstarted pledge? I'd throw money at upgrading whatever the hell that thing was....
  11. Ok I"ll throw in. Here you go. Only have a laptop but going to build a full tower when I have some time and the $$$ to put towards it. Origin Eon17 (Clevo x7200 base with desktop MOBO) Dual 300watt power adapters Graphics Card: Dual 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX EVGA 580M SLI OC'd (4GB of Total GFX) Processor: Intel Core i7 990X 3.46GHz LGA 1366 Hex-Core Processor (12MB L3 Cache) Memory: 24GB DDR3 1366MHz (3 X 8GB) Optical Drive: 6X Blu-ray Reader/8X DVD+/-R/2.4X +DL Super-Multi Drive RAID Configuration: RAID 0: Hard Drive One: 240GB Corsair Force GT - Solid State Drive Hard Drive Two: 240GB Corsair Force GT - Solid State Drive Hard Drive Three: 240GB Corsair Force GT - Solid State Drive Audio: Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D THX via USB Networking: Bigfoot Killer Wireless-N 1103 Bluetooth: Internal Bluetooth Module SuperSpeed USB 3.0: 3 x SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ports Media Card Reader: Media Card Reader Finger Print Reader: Integrated Biometric Fingerprint Reader Web Camera: Built-in 2.0 Megapixel Video Camera Operating System: Genuine MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Hand painted and airbrushed artwork and signatures of the OriginPC Admin/Build/Account/Ship members who aided in its build. Mouse: Thermaltake Level 10M White Mousepad: Thermaltake White-Ra Special Tactics Backpack: Alienware M18X Scanfast Backpack Not Pictured: Asus 27" VG378H 3D Monitor Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Kit Its my baby. I love her.
  12. Thanks B! We'll take those 300is and Auroras out for a spin soon! See you up among the stars brother.
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