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  1. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    Oh wow! What infringement are they referring to? I thought there was a contract better the two companies early on?
  2. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Awesome breakdown! So does that mean the Aegis Cruiser (when it comes out) will be in the neighborhood of 180,000,000 UEC? Sheesh! Better grinding in beta then.
  3. what will you be doing

    Hammerhead battlegroup at the ready. Patrol, escort, bounty hunting, you name it. Your will, my hands.
  4. Aegis Hammerhead weapons loadout

    Hello everyone! Since the Q&A's were posted about the Hammerhead, I've been doing some light theory crafting in my head about all the possible weapons loadouts that I'd be willing to equip on my ships. During this recent anniversary sale, I was prepared to spend quite a bit of coin. As such, my first major purchase was a Polaris, which I quickly picked up on RSI day. I had initially intended to purchase two more, but something told me to wait. I'm glad I did! After seeing the ATV where the Hammerhead was unveiled, I was floored! The gunship that I wanted the Polaris to be came true in the Hammerhead. Well, almost true... the one I envisioned has two more turrets (One more fore dorsal and another fore ventral). In any case, once I saw this ship I couldn't resist. Initially I made a purchase for six of these monsters. I've since added a seventh to go along with an assortment of fighters, an Orion mining ship and a Hull E (with two more on the way). I know, crazy, right? So now to focus on what my role will be in the verse. There was only one clear choice. Escorting and asset protection. Maybe I'll mix in a bit of ground ops as well since I also have a pretty good selection of ground vehicles to aid any ground forces I might decide to deploy. Seeing only a small demonstration of what the Hammerhead could do, I quickly turned my attention to its armaments. What are the default weapons it comes equipped with? And will two large power plants be sufficient enough to 24 size 4 guns firing simultaneously? One of these questions was quickly answered. I was intrigued by this answer for many reasons. 1) I can have all seven hammerheads targeting a larger assailant (such as an Idris) and cause more than enough damage to either destroy it or cripple it severely. 2) I could (possibly) upgrade those power plants to something better equipped to handle the output of weapons that took more energy to fire than the default loadout. 3) Ballistics... Why ballistics? Ballistic weapons ignore shields and cause direct hull damage, but the ammo is also limited. So why ballistics when I can fire energy weapons with near impunity? Like every ship, the Hammerhead has its strengths and weaknesses. And I can't help but to think that this ship's greatest strength and weakness are its guns. Not only are the turrets incredibly exposed, but that it the default loadout may not kill a target as fast as I'd like out of a ship this size. So what could I do to beef up its offensive and defensive capabilities? Well, like CIG has said, " a good defense is a great offense". To me, that means this ship is not only aggressive, it's the aggressor! And that's when it hit me... During my time in the USAF as a member of Security Forces, we operated with a similar mindset. A rather defensive minded group that brought the pain when necessary. Use of force was a secondary option, but when it was employed, we were deadly to our purpose. So here I am, years later, still harnessing that same dutiful mindset. Security Forces don't fight alone. We run in packs! Which was the same idea I had when forming my HH battlegroup. All these monsters, what shall be their teeth? A balanced, layered defense. That tactic had always served me well in the past. No matter the game, no matter the genre. A well layered defense with multiple ways to attack and defend. Based off the weapons we know of and that are currently in game, why not use them all? If escort and protection is the career path I've chosen, why not use everything available to me? Each ship on the perimeter has a different weapon type... and the closer you get to the asset that's being protected, the more deadly weapon type will be used. For example: My detachment has been tasked with escorting a lone Orion from Terra to Earth. The Orion is full with ore and other precious metals. A definition of "layered defense" is illustrated here: The Orion is in the center. The surrounding Polarii will act as Hammerheads (since the site hasn't been updated, yet). The ships on the outter perimeter would be my constant DPS ships. And the armament of choice would be: The range of this weapon is impressive and would provide a protective bubble around the asset. Now let's talk about the rate of fire. Just one gun can unleash 110 rounds per minute. Multiply that by 4 guns per turret (440 rpm). Not so bad. Now , multiply that by 6 turrets. That's 2,640 rounds per minute, per ship using this setup! In total, that's 13,200 rounds per minute of suppressive fire between five ships! *You can blink now* Now consider this. The total distance between those ships shouldn't exceed 2,500 - 3,000 metres, so there will be overlapping fields of fire. Thats just rate of fire, I haven't even calculated damage output and potential damage for shots landed on target. Going back to the ship diagram; the two inner perimeter Hammerheads on either side of the Orion will be armed with: What can I say about this that hasn't already been said? Simply iconic looking! A much shorter range with less damage numbers, but with that, you get direct hull damage and a high rate of fire per gun. Just one Revanent puts out 1,300 rounds per minute. A single turret will lay down 5,200 rounds per minute. Just one ship will put out 31,200 rounds per minute. And both ships combined will draw the proverbial "line in the sand". This final denial line will be a potent one as incoming fighters will have to balance dodging intense laser fire vs. unimpeded hull damage. Yes, the cost to rearm a ballistic Hammerhead could turn out to be very expensive. But honestly, in the interest of keeping a good reputation and success rate, I'll pay that cost willingly. Please take into account that this just covers the Hammerhead force in my inventory. Under no circumstances would I fly this or any formation without fighter assistance coupled with several tracking ships like the Terrapin. Close in fighters like the Hornet, perimeter skirmishers like the Sabre (or Gladius) and ranged fighters like the Vanguard Warden could make this escort combination extremely effective. It just hit me... I haven't even touched on the missile racks. The Hammerhead comes with 32 size 3 missiles as standard. The ability to swap them out for 64 size 2's or 96 size 1's is insane! I'm very interested to gets some feedback. How well do you think this could work? What would you change or do differently? Lets keep this discussion going.
  5. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    With the immense cost of torps in the game, I hope that campaign is successful to justify the cost of replacing said torpedos.
  6. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    The Tracker also has a small radar. The Terrapin would be the better option as it has a medium radar and can take a pounding from incoming fire. And if CIG continues their trend of growing these ships, I'm sure the Terrapin will be able to fit in the hangar.
  7. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    15 fighters for the fighter fist to work? Man, oh man. That's a lot of resources for just one ship... So at minimum, 15 pilots to 2 pilots and 7 crew? Your expenses, repair costs and manpower expectations for training would be through the roof. If I may ask, what's the gameplan if/when you come across a group of Hammerheads? In my case, I purchased six HH's and a Polaris. And at a minimum, they will always work in pairs. If you jump into a system prepared to take on one ship, but aren't aware of a second, third (much less a seventh) then what? The Hammerheads scanners reach much farther than a fighters. So you could potentially be walking your squadron into a trap with minimal opportunity to escape. 😕😓
  8. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Hopefully that Hammerhead will be patrolling the lands you decided to keep 😳😂
  9. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    I like your style, pilot! Agreed... We shall put that to the test once the HH is operational and in game. I would very much like to record this match as well. It'll be for training sessions within Imperium. Agreed?
  10. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Very true, but I don't see a Connie matching the output of fire vs. a HH. It's less maneuverable and slower than a fighter. It can take more damage, however, so it'll be interesting to see that play out
  11. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    The point that I was trying to make was that it makes little to no sense for one person to continue making attempts to solo bigger ships. That just opens the flood gates to cry about something else. Say you're allowed to solo a Polaris, Idris or even a Javelin... That's all fine and good (in the beginning). Then you see how so smart it is to command such huge vessels with an AI crew. The AI can be fooled and gotten over like in any other game. So now you've lost the pride and joy of your fleet to someone with a real crew. Now the complaint is, "the AI isn't good enough". So now troll tears run all over the forums, when CR has said from the beginning that the larger ships are MEANT to be crewed by human players and AI are to used to fill in the gaps at less important positions. Wanna crew a massive ship solo? I believe that gameplay exists in Star Trek Online. Once you beam to your ship, the ship effectively becomes your avatar for space flight and fleet battles. Please don't mistake my honest thought process for that of @$$hole. I'm just soaking plainly on what I believe to be true. While commanding a Bengal Carrier or a Retribution Super Dreadnought would be awseome, it seriously lacks the gameplay element that the majority of backers desire in this game.
  12. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    1) Obviously... People generally make references or comparisons to what they know. People makes references to other verse's all the time, it doesn't mean that they're fabricating relationships for no reason. I'm simply comparing (what I believe to be) this ship's counterpart from Star Trek to create a minimal placeholder on what I believe its capabilities are comparable to. 2) I'll give you that one. Nuff said there, no argument here. 3) That's partially true. CR has said that death will be meaningful in the game. After so many deaths (an unknown number) your character WILL die and all your belongings and faction standing will be passed on to the kin of your deceased character. Some money will be deducted and faction standing will be decreased, but in essence you will die. The only real counter to this is whether your engagement with me is your first or fifth death. If it's the first, then winner, winner, chicken dinner...you get another chance to die again. On the flip side, if you die for a fifth, sixth or tenth time then the odds of you coming back with that same character is greatly decreased. This was CR's words on 10 for the Chairman and again brought up and reconfirmed on an ATV as well as an interview with Game Informer.
  13. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    I know CR is trying to recreate WWII is space, but when I think of the Hammerhead's capabilities, it remind me of the Defiant from DS9 as it was made to fight the Borg, but as that threat diminished, the Federation discovered that it was really good at killing everything else as well. I just love this ship and its potential. The only real threat to a HH is the Retaliator bomber. The Gladiator isn't that serious of a threat due to the fact that its firing range is shorter than the Retaliator, which exposes it to the HH's guns for much prolonged period of time. After reading the Q&A I'm convinced this ship is the end all for fighters. Of course a pilot could bring a full ballistic build and hope for the best at shooting those turrets down, but the question is, do they really wanna risk it with perma-death being a thing? Doubtful. From what I can surmise, if I run HH with 4 fighters and 2 Terrapin ( a pair of fighters for each terrapin ) and place them at the edge of weapons range of the HH, the sensor/scanner operator should, in theory, be able to detect a Retaliator. If not, they'll definitely be able to detect the launch of the torpedo and be able to give warning of the approaching danger. A well layered defense around the HH would make it an even more imposing target. Should that defense prove effective, people (even orgs) are gonna get tired of spending creds on torps with negative results.
  14. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Reasons 1 through 50 why I bought six of these beasts. I'll run them in teams to help minimise that threat.
  15. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    I still don't get why people want operate ships like this solo. The blades question really irks me. Don't want a crew? Buy an Aurora! Smh...