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  1. You have very good points. I think it's just a difference in philosophy. Lets eliminate the Polaris and fighters for just a moment and looked at the formation as is. You'd still have turret coverage no matter what. With outter Hammerheads arranged with M6A Laser Cannons and the range those weapons possess, any aft attack would be met with no less than eight turrets. That number would double the closer the target gets. The Hammerheads on either side of the resource are armed with Revenant Ballistic Gatlings. Considerably less range, but much higher firing speeds. So the closer the enemy target gets, they'll have to contend with long range laser weapons that hit hard AND high speed ballistic rounds that'll ignore shields and cause direct hull damage. This is where overlapping fields of fire are the most effective. I wouldn't lose any turret coverage, but I can see your point about adding more security to what could be a weak point in the phalanx. Now if we add the Polaris and fighters back into the equation, they would be free to turn and burn after an aggressor without leaving the flank exposed. As the fighters have a much smaller turning arc, they could begin the engagement while the Polaris turns and locks on to the most threatening target. Flank exposure would be nullified and the option to engage the aggressors would remain a possibility. Attack while defending, an almost seamless transition in roles.
  2. Thank you! You bring up some very good points to which I can only say, no strategy or formation is absolute. When laying out designs and plans, a good commander must know, that there will be deficiencies their plan/strategies. Their main job will be to minimize those deficiencies as much as possible to minimize damage to property and those serving under them. Now, to address your points one by one. 1 & 2) I'll answer both of these points as my response will play into both. You make a good point about the Polaris having mostly forward facing weaponry, but lets treat this like a game of chess. The Polaris is the Command and Control ship in this scenerio, your King. No successful chess game has ever been won by leading with the King. (If so, I'd be dying to play that game lol!) You are correct, however, about capital size radar/sensor package. I would argue that moving the Polaris from rear guard to the front just to gain an extra two or three hundred meters of visibility isn't worth potentially risking your Command and Control ship to the possibility of heavy incoming fire. The forward Hammerhead is a pawn in this formation. Pawns are typically used to build a defensive stance and have the potential to become a very effective offensive piece if phalanxed appropriately. They only real advantage the Polaris has over the Hammerhead are its torpedoes. Take that away and the Hammerhead would shred the Polaris in a toe to toe bout as the Polaris doesn't have any where near the same firing arcs that the Hammerhead has. A secondary reason for keeping the Polaris rear guard is the element of surprise. If the enemy approaches from the front, immediately all they will see are Hammerheads and some fighters.Even if they scanned ahead before moving to intercept, they weigh their options on whether to continue the attack or not, they may be hasty and rush in. Once the Polaris reveals itself from behind the resource and begins to loose its torpedo salvos, that could prove to be a psychological victory as well as a complete one, but that's a trick you can only play once. If you've laid all your cards on the table too soon, the gig is up. Keep in mind, all Hammerheads will remain in formation. So a 360 degree defensive perimeter around the resource would be constantly maintained. In the image, I have posted a flight of four fighters to maintain rear guard with the Polaris. Their objective will be to stay with the Polaris in the event it needs to break away in defense of the rear. If that were the case, that 360 would still be maintained. In my original post, "Aegis Hammerhead weapons loadout", I outlined the weapons of choice, and for the five Hammerheads on the perimeter, the M6A Laser Cannon would prove to be a great choice due to its rate of fire and range. 3) Placing Hammerheads above and below is another viable option. But keep in mind that this formation will be moving forward, so I'm not completely understanding the concept of "Also have the top of the Hammerhead facing away from the Orion. To give the Hammerhead top turret a better field of view." Imagine a diamond shape and at the center of the diamond is a ship you want to protect. Then imagine the a Hammerhead to the left and right. With the firing arc they possess, you would still have the ability to fire above and below the resource. This is simply the formation I've chosen to illustrate based on the tools I had available to me at the time. In short, yes, placing a ship above, below and on either side could also prove to be very effective. It just depends on the situation. With the advancements made in the game with the volume-metric cloud i.e. The Coil from the vertical slice, it would be purely situational to choose to stack ships in an environment like that. 4) I would submit opting for balance. Two Harbingers and two Wardens. In any military formation, the scouts have one job. Scout. Observe and report. They are the eyes and ears of the fleet. If a fleet can not see, they can not prepare. If they can not prepare, they can not fight. If they can not fight, they have lost their mandate. If met with enemy resistance, the scout force will either fall back to the main fleet if heavy resistance is met or they will evade, seeking an alternative route to maneuver around the enemy contact. They also check to see if alternate routes are safe to travel through. While they could be used to assist in defense of the main fleet, that should be an absolute last resort. Just because the main fleet has so much fire power, doesn't mean it MUST be used, except as an absolute last resort when all other means have been exhausted. Could you imagine if Britain and France (for example) went to war? And at the outset of the first engagement, the U.K. launched nukes? A little extreme, no? But I digress. Suppose we go with your method of thinking on this part in particular. The main fleet is attacked and is surrounded. The Polaris' sensors are offline and they are flying blind. Calling the scouts back to fight may not benefit you as much as you might think. However, finding an escape route to rendezvous with allied back up could prove more beneficial. Casualties may be extreme and ships may be lost, but if we can hold the line long enough for the resource to escape, that'll be worth the loss. Only and only when there is no other option would I pull my scouts back to the main force. There isn't a military operation that doesn't heavily depend on what scouts and field commanders see and believe to be the best viable option. 5) The Banu Defender would be a good option, but as you've highlighted, we don't know much about this ship yet. Since the Aegis Vulcan was released, we could infer that it too would be a good ship to bring along for the ride. I would place my faith in the logistics units within Imperium. Making scheduled stops in hi-sec to refuel or schedule refueling in dangerous parts of space. That scenario would depend on the flight pattern. Where are we flying from and where are we flying to. That part would fall under a logistics post. Another very important part to mission planning that I have yet to complete a writeup of for. Stay tuned for that one, lol. 6) This point would really depend on how much the client is willing to spend. The running cost of a Polaris would be much higher than a Retaliator. The Tally has 7 crew as opposed to the Polaris' 14. So you'd be more than tripling your cost on crew alone. Not to mention the fuel, ammo and (potential) repair costs. All of this must be factored in as well. If the client is willing to pay for all the bells and whistles, then I am happy to give them the most bang for their buck, so to speak. But it would have to make sense and be tactically sound. Otherwise, I'd just throw an Idris, two Polaris, four Hammerheads and a bunch of fighters at every situation and hope for the best. I hope this was helpful. I very much enjoy this type of theory crafting. I must emphasize that there is no automatic 'I win' button to these types of posts. All one can do is try to dissuade any sort of violence by a show of force. In this game, we all know there will be those who try to make a name for themselves. We'll just have to keep a clear mind on the mission and the objectives we plan to meet along the way and let our strategy guide us.
  3. Role of Hammerhead?

    Just to illustrate. The ship at the center is a Carrack, but will act as an Idris for this illustration (since the site hasn't been updated, yet). Then of course, the pair of Polaris on either side and the four Hammerheads as perimeter defense (displayed by Retaliators). The fighters could take up a number of defensive positions, but for these purposes, lets just keep it simple. All fighters will be Gladius' since we haven't been able to confirm if or how many Hornets can fit in an Idris. The site I used to help illustrate is: http://u-tec.yefec.com/#/welcome Hopefully the creator or moderator will update it to encompass the newer ships in the game.
  4. Role of Hammerhead?

    That would be fun! I'd also be in favor of a Vanduul hunting party! No Operation Pitchfork though. We'd have to gather a great deal of detail before undertaking that level of assault.
  5. Role of Hammerhead?

    I wonder how are along they are with server meshing. Their progression with that will be the basis for how many people they can fit in a single instance.
  6. Role of Hammerhead?

    I completely agree! Of everything this game promises to be, the one thing I want them to do is follow through with allowing all players to be on a single server. That presents so many opportunities and gaming implications that would make this universe really come alive.
  7. Role of Hammerhead?

    I've got eight. You can crew one of mine or command one in scenerios like this 😊
  8. Role of Hammerhead?

    Personally, I can't wait to see the larger ships in the verse. I'd like to see a battlegroup composed of an Idris, two Polarii, and four Hammerheads with about 6-9 fighters. The Idris can hold three or four fighters that are Hornet or Gladius size. So at a minimum three or four fighters will be on alert and docked inside the Idris. Those can be used as reserves or they can swap out with the deployed fighters so they can return to the Idris to rearm, refuel and repair. There would an almost constant rotation of fighters docking and taking off. Almost like an aircraft carrier in a naval battlegroup. Since tanks are now a thing, This same battlegroup could be versatile enough help mobilize ground forces on a planet. Just think, ten or twenty tanks loaded up in an Idris. The two Polarii acting as large troop carriers and the the Hammerheads providing overhead coverage while the Idris and Polarii are landed with troops and vehicles that are being disembarked. Oh! Let's not forget that the Hammerhead can also carry a single vehicle the size of an Ursa Rover. So there's that addition as well. And it doesn't have to be a rover... There are other grind vehicles that are around the same size or smaller that would be more useful to assist the ground troops.
  9. Role of Hammerhead?

    Its funny you ask. I created a couple posts on how I envision the Hammerhead's use. More so how I intend to use them. Take a read...
  10. RSI Weapons Chart

    So lets say in the case of the Super Hornet. The chin mount can use a single S3 fixed or two S1 gimballed (with chin kennard); A S3 fixed on the wings or S2 gimballed and one S4 weapon on the turret or dual S3's?
  11. RSI Weapons Chart

    Hey Everyone, So I found myself....a bit confused when explaining how the weapon sizes vs weapons mounts work in the game. I'm trying to clarify for a friend that is interested in joining the game. I was running down all the details of weapon types and sizes. Then I came across this chart. After trying to translate, I think I explained it right, but I'm not 100% sure. For example, a size 1 weapon fits on a size 1 mount. What are the other two digits supposed to represent? I really think I managed to spin myself in a corner. Somebody help! LoL
  12. Protecting our industry.

    I plan to run escort ops for fleet members and other orgs and individuals. I currently own quite a bit of firepower in a Polaris, eight Hammerhead and a wide variety of fighters and bombers. With Imperium being such a large org, it shouldn't be too hard to find a team to run with. This would make great practice and build cohesion as the game progresses.
  13. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    WOW! They are really pushing this ship along. I can't wait to get my battlegroup off the ground now!
  14. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    I believe they need to see how well it holds up in game before introducing the Polaris, Idris or even the Javelin. It would be a good test bed to see the indications of well the cap ships would hold up on the servers.