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  1. My first REAL gaming pc

    Question, how many fans do you use for intake vs. those you use for (expel)? I've generally hard that a 2:1 ratio is optimal. I would like to have a 1:1 ratio but don't want to much negative airflow.
  2. My first REAL gaming pc

    Yeah, this is my first custom build. At some point I'll get into liquid cooling and so on. I'm still getting the basics of pc building. In the future, I'd like to run dual gpu's (assuming they correct the stutter). 😔
  3. My first REAL gaming pc

    The 8086k came with s slight discount, so that's why I went with it. I originally had a 7700k or 8700k slated to in that spot. I wanted to go with the same RAM layout @ 3200 speed. I'll just look to upgrade it later I suppose.
  4. Hey all, Ok, so I finally took the dive! Its taken me years to give in but I finally did it. I've never built a pic from scratch but I plan to do some serious gaming and streaming via YouTube and Twitch. I also want to play/stream in 4k. So excited!
  5. Battle Group Configiration

    Geez... Nevermind. (Some of) You guys are so serious. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to play just to play. Test the limitations of the product. Find new ways make and keep the game interesting. If it comes down to it, I'll foot the bill for the eight Hammerheads and two Polaris in my personal hangar. I'm not talking numbers for a reason. I don't care about them right now. We don't know much about the game mechanics and what the final product will look. We have even less idea about the expense. Even if CIG can get everyone into a single server, I still want to push the game to its limits just to see what it can handle.
  6. Battle Group Configiration

    This is theory crafting. Not something proven in game yet. If there's nothing anyone can do to convince you otherwise, then this post is not for you. Much like you tried to convince me and failed, the same stands true here. Nuff said... @Amy Babe 3k players in a single instance in Eve online.... Theory proven. Thousands of players in one instance
  7. Battle Group Configiration

    So if a fleet is solely based in North America, you think time zones would still be an issue? I can name a flurry right now, 600 players strong, all based in the same time zone. A few are one time zone over... I don't they'll be as big a problem as you may think.
  8. Battle Group Configiration

    Let's not forget that CIG is aiming to have all players in a single instance via server meshing tech. I did preface this post that everything would be contingent on if CIG can deliver on that promise and others. If they can't deliver on that promise, obviously the metrics would change. Besides that, Imperium currently has thousands of players within its ranks. Last time I checked, we were the fifth largest org according to spectrum. 500+ voluntary players would almost be a drop in the bucket. If we ever had the hope of owning a Bengal, the crew compliment for that ship alone be be about double the 500 you quoted here. So numbers are just that...numbers. If we, as an org, manage our resources right, the numbers will behave how we want them to.
  9. Battle Group Configiration

    I love this arrangement! I elected not to include any hospital ships as they may lack the mobility to evade enemy fire and would most likely be unarmed or lightly armed, which is a dangerous notion for anyone. Instead I chose to rely on the medical facilities of the Polarii and the Javelin since they are more hardened targets. I brought a ground detachment because grind combat will definitely be a thing and its importance can not be understated. Other than that, I could definitely agree on all other points.
  10. Battle Group Configiration

    Hey all! Today I wanted to do a bit of theory crafting. Before I begin, I want to preface this post by saying, all ideas and rationale presented here are totally contingent on if CIG can deliver on all that they've promised about Star Citizen. Now, 2018 promises to be the year of "ships (or pixels) gone wild". With two concept sales already in the books (and its not even June yet), I decided to take a look at all the ships that we currently know about and construct a well-balanced Battle Group in theory craft. Before we get too far into it, I figured we'd eliminate the Bengal Carrier to begin with as they will be extremely difficult to man and maintain. Not to mention, we'd have to disable/capture or recover one in order to even have it in the first place. So for simplicity sake, we'll save that ship for another theory craft. Instead, lets utilize the Javelin as our center piece capital ship. What would a well-balanced battle group capable of dealing with a variety of missions look like? What would be their effective operational range? And what types of missions would you expect it to excel at? Okay, here's the fun part (for me anyway). Set up your ideal battle group. Please give supporting details to help everyone understand your thought process. This is how I'd envision my group. Main Ships Support Ships Fighters Ground Vehilces 1x Javelin 10x Hammerheads 4x Super Hornets 2x Nova Tonks 2x Idris (M) 2x Starfarers 3x Sabres 2x (of each Tubril buggies- minus the RC variant) 4x Polaris 1x Carrack 2x Vanguard Sentinels 4x Vulcans 4x Vanguard Wardens 1x Cutlass Red 2x C-2 Hercules' 1x Hornet Tracker 1x Hornet Ghost 1x Vanguard Hoplite (or Cutlass Black) 1x Terrapin Okay, so there's A LOT here, lol! So lets dissect. The Javelin will be the Command ship. A mini Bengal for today's purposes. The Idris' will act as close in support/protection for the Command ship, each able to hold up to 3 Hornet class fighters. *Side note: All hornets will be housed in the Idris'* The Hammerheads will fulfill their role perfectly and will be placed strategically at the flanks and around the formation for defense. Each 'Main Ship' could have at least two Hammerheads assigned to them for defense with two left over, which I would assign to protect the Starfarers as they run continuous missions to refill and refuel the battle group. The Carrack's scanner package could prove to be valuable, even if its they're not used for exploration purposes. You can never get enough eyes on a potential target. The Vulcans would act mainly as smaller refuel ships. They wouldn't obviously wouldn't need to repair anything unless a conflict breaks out. The C-2's... strictly for ground units. The Cutlass Red will be housed inside of a Polaris. The Sabres will be housed in the other Polarii as well. The Hoplite (or Cutlass Black) will be housed inside the Javelin's ship fighter bay. Both would be valuable for their drop ship qualities. I'd most likely go with a Cutlass Black as you can fit more players inside for a larger away party. The Terrapin would help to keep eyes on a contact. The Sentinels would be valuable for their electronic warfare capabilities. The Wardens would act as our ranged attackers/harassers until the Sabers arrive to provide support. The Super Hornets would be used for fleet defense or added firepower for the other fighters. The Tonks.... do what Tonks do, of course! And finally, the Tumbrils will full a variety of roles and could be very effective when coupled with the Tonks for assaults on the surface of a planet. I hope you all get a kick out of this type of theory craft as much as I do! Feel free to share. What would you do differently? Do you agree with the logic used?... etc... etc...
  11. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Before that feature is implemented, I'd like to see turret mechanics get fixed. No use in putting the cart before the horse, eh?
  12. Aegis Hammerhead weapons loadout

    Careful with mixing more than two weapon types as some are more energy-hungry than others. The last thing you'd want in an intense and furious fire fight is a drain on energy. Let's use distortion weapons for example. Slow rate of fire but lots of dps with the ability to completely shut a target down if exposed to its fire too long, but a massive drain energy. We don't yet know how the HH's power plants will hold up with 24 x S4 weapons firing for long durations simultaneously. Of course, they will be upgradeable which may increase the signature of the ship, but this ship isn't meant to be stealth. So showing up to a fight loud and proud will be the norm. Not saying you couldn't make modifications to make it a stealthier ship, but again, if you're calling in this bad boy, you wanna bring the noise. Personally, I'll probably go with high end military or industrial power plants just to make sure I have more than enough energy to keep everything running at peak efficiency. Also, industrial coolers might not hurt either.
  13. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    This would be a smart move by CIG. I think they would have had to consider this mechanic during the ships initial concept phase. As much as they want to push group play, they would have had to. If they mess that up, the QQ would be strong on the forums
  14. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    NPC's will have a place imo. Personally, I plan to do the main fighting with human players and all NPC roles will consist of "Red Shirt" positions on away missions. When combat NPC's show up, I'll send them on scouting missions and light combat sorties. All the heavy coordination scenerios, such as coordinated assaults with a Hammerhead will be taken care of by real players. I don't know if anyone has played Star Trek online, but there used to be ground missions against the Borg where a 5 man team of Tactical Officers could group up and spam a power called "Tactical Team" and it would beam in 5-7 additional security team members to attack targets. So essentially 25-35 NPC Red Shirts could be beamed in and they would be cannon fodder while the real players sat back and picked off the remaining enemy that survived the assault. This is kind of how I envision using NPC's in SC. Strength in numbers, eh? 😂
  15. Cutlass Black... Drop ship?...

    Love the Starship Troopers reference! As I was reading, I could imagine a bunch deploying from an Idris battlegroup. Once they complete the Redeemer rework, I think it could give the Cutlass a run for its money. Either way, I'd be a satisfied customer.