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  1. Obviously, I'll be in my Carrack Constellation Andromeda.
  2. I've been trying to maintain a healthy low-cab diet, and your little inspirational posts aren't helping.
  3. The Origin 600 is the concept sale I've been waiting for - for what seems like forever. I'm hoping to see a Constellation sized ship with an 85x snub. I plan on using it for flossing. No, not that flossing... Oh yea... That's how I floss...
  4. I want to like this game, I really do. It's just that for me, there are three really big issues. The first is the static character appearance. You have unparalleled customization, but the same armor set forever and ever. The second is the lack of any sense of progression. The mobs are potato dumb. You can stand right next to them, look them in the face, and they just kinda stand there staring back until you engage. Although the combat is a load of fun, the mobs are so stupid and unchallenging, I never felt the need to invest in skill progression. It's just a face roll. Lastly (and admittedly this issue is minor in comparison) the localization is just... So... Bad. It's like the story was run through Google translate and checked once by an unpaid intern. I may go back to it if these issues get a serious fix.
  5. I for one am looking forward to welcoming our new alien overlords upon their arrival, and freely offer my services to our multi-tentacled benefactors in exchange for additional nutrient-cube rations and reduced time in the salt mines.
  6. Is for best musik video to listening comrades. Wodka.
  7. Complete

    If I might make a suggestion, the Holiday Warbond Sale is still active for a limited time with entry into the game for $35 USD - which is cheap. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Aurora-MR-SC-Starter-Holiday-Warbond-Edition Respectfully, there haven't been game packages as cheap as what you want for at least three years - and those packages if resold today would go for a premium. For $35, you can pledge for Star Citizen early before the price goes back up - and it will.
  8. New year resolutions: 1. Go to the gym 2.Stay out of the next pledge bracket 3. Do at least one nice thing for myself 4. Keep at least one resolution

    1. Riley Egret

      Riley Egret

      You can do n°3 by buying yourself that extra ship you fancy, you just need to skip a bit on the gym fees ;)

  9. That was fun to watch.
  10. It's kinda neat, but it just doesn't speak to me. Imma stick wit mah em-fiddy. Emmm-fiddy.
  11. Yes. Yes you should.
  12. I don't know how much more aniversary sale I can take! Mercy! Uncle!  Please stahp!

  13. I'm sold on the MM for sure, thanks everyone for that. As far as the scout goes, I think I'll buy a CCU instead of the full ship. This way I can sit on it for a while and decide if I want to apply it. I don't play AC at all, so I'm really just doing some long term planning for the PU.
  14. You are all good people. Thanks
  15. Thank you all, Banu it is! Still on the fence with the Xian scout... I'll admit, I'm completely charmed by the sexy. The pointy, transformey, cherry-red hotness. It seems as pointless as tits on a fish, but damn... If you go to the hull upgrade area of the RSI website, you can see the current rates for ships. It's how people were getting info about the price hikes for the current sale prior to thier announcement. It seems that the MM is still $250.