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  1. If you missed out on Gamescom SC event tickets, 50 are currently available.


  2. The Steam Summer Sale has appeared!

    1. Rellim


      i should protect peoppe's wallets and delete this :)

    2. Daigren


      So far Steam is doing a good job at defending our wallets with bad offers :D

  3. Where is the punch and pie?! I was promised some when I joined! https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/5155941/#Comment_5155941

    1. Prosev


      Common mistake, he meant to say "punched by a guy". If you still want it, I'm sure we could arrange it.

  4. The akward moment when you appreciate lukewarm pizza because you just won a Constellation Phoenix

  5. I mashed up something earlier so my friends have something comprehensive. This was done in under an hour and is by no means perfect, but @Kraan Rastaban said It looked fine enough to be shared. WARNING, contains no proper proof reading. http://pastebin.com/D8FnTpgi
  6. I am having a great birthday! No annoying phone calls from relatives so far :D

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kraan Rastaban

      Kraan Rastaban

      You're getting old like the rest of us! Also Happy Birthday :3

    3. Daigren


      Thanks guys and potentially girls!

      *eats apple cake*

    4. SnowOwl


      Happy Birthday

  7. Uee Citizen Record #95591 I signed up in december 2012 and forgot about Star Citizen until january this year when I pledged.
  8. Thank you for linking the interviews Bod. Great job with the interviews Domo, I really enjoyed both. Especially the one with CR that still felt worthwhile even thou It was so short.
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