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  1. If you used 1 CC of matter from the nearest neutron star and used it as a rail gun projectile how much damage would you be able to do if you launched it from the "Ship Buster" that is mounted on the Bengal Carrier?
  2. I imagine some have. I have managed to keep myself from crossing that line.
  3. Actually not everything is offered with the Completionist pack. You don't get ships like the Banu MM, Xi'an Scout or any of the variants. I have them because I traded for them. I also have 2 Idris P but those don't come with the Completionist.
  4. Do you want to stop being antagonistic please? Yes if people chose to go around High sec with the PvP slider set to full PvE then that is their choice. It is going to be expensive enough to crew the thing.
  5. Considering the fact that CR has stated he wanted it to be very difficult to tell the difference between NPC and Human Player I think your statement is inherently flawed. Good NPCs would cost alot. Just like players would expect to be paid for their service as well. Unless of course you're saying you would work for free on an Idris then by all means I have a spot open just for you.
  6. Let me clarify something about my argument. I agree that people SHOULD crew thier Idris with real people. I don't agree that they should be REQUIRED to in order to fly a ship that they own on their own. Those that lack common sense will lose theirs qquickly. There should also be High Sec space where you can fly your monster of a ship reletivily safely for things like transport or even going and going on Ship Parade for recruiting or what not.
  7. @Reavern I totally agree with you man. I just don't think that people that want to take that risk should be told they can't. I don't plan on taking that risk myself, especially since they upgrade the Idris.
  8. My points still stand. I also refer back to the fact that CR has stated that he hasn't made a decision on it yet.
  9. I agree that a single player with an NPC crewed ship should be at a disadvantage to a compentent PC crew. I don't think people who can own them should be foreced to just leave them in thier hangars if they dont' have friends on at the time (or at all) to play with. It is basically saying "Oh hey you can, even as a solo player, own this really cool ship. Oh I am sorry you can't actually use use it just own it." Seems like a pretty screwed up thing to do to me.
  10. The idris is owned by single individuals. It is not a persistent ship. CR has already stated that he has not made a final decision on that yet. Not the beginning or end of it.
  11. Sorry to burst your bubble on that but here are 2 seperate polls that prove you wrong. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/111014/should-the-idris-have-the-option-to-be-fully-crewed-with-npcs-poll/p1 https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/111000/reason-to-let-us-npc-crew-our-idris-poll-has-been-redone-for-clarity-please-vote-again/p1 I would not call the majority (of those that have voted) a small subset.
  12. Hey theres my recruit. Just got on this morning. How are you doing? For Imperium: This guy is the winner of the Defender category of my Grey contest. He was the only one who said he would use his ship to defend others. That earned him a Freelancer+ package and an invite to Imperium. Welcome to the biggest show in town Star.
  13. @Wyvyrias Thats fine as long as you don't mind 2 dogs 2 cats a compound bow and my AR 15. Honestly though, one cat would just avoid you, the other would try to go home with you. The dogs would however be a problem.
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