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  1. Timziito

    Is it just me?

    I decided to get rid of my Tali due to the chances that i can man it early game is so low, so i got an Vangaurd harbringer and a Freelancer instead. to work up to an Retaliator instead ingame But the Torpedoes were fun fireing at people. 10/10 but more dmg needed took 5 Trops to take the connie down ATM of speaking.
  2. Merry Xmas from Sweden Have a wonderful new year aswell!!
  3. Timziito

    Is it just me?

    Is it just me? or do the Conni and retaliator seem really weak, i own an Talli and it got taken down in 4 shots by an "Space Toyota Prius" I know it is early.. but still WTF :/ MERRY X MAS! <3 From Sweden
  4. I am looking for an Vangaurd Harbringer What does BUK mean?
  5. Back from Japan! :) Have i missed anything? *Duuh gamescom* :'(

    1. Genesis


      How was it?  Most of the people I know that have gone; go to teach English and live there.

      And how was the transit system?  Any advice you want to give first time travelers?

    2. Timziito


      It was great! :) The Transit system was probly the easiest and just amazing to use :) i lived in Sugamo so it was really easy getting around on the *Yamanote Line*

      By putting alot of money on my SUICA Card "Transport system card"
      I could use the same card to

      1.Buy drinks in vending machins

      2. Paying in stores like Family Mart

      3. Paying Taxi fares

      4. Buying food in Resturants 

      5. well riding busses and Trains ^^

      If i could give any kind of advice it would be leaving your own mentality at home,
      Japan is so diffrent from Sweden so all my Swedish way of doing and handling things were confusing me so much when i was in Japan.

      For example i celibrated my birthday in Japan a girl that i dated found out that i had my birthday, and met me in Akihabara to suddenly bring out a gift from no one.
      I got really happy becouse like WTF that would not happen in Sweden :P
      And the typical Swede in me was like omg I got to thank her, And i gave her an "Thank you hug" nothing big right? RIGHT?? :P What is less of a deal in Europe or America is a bigger deal in Japan... ;D

      Well to end this, Do everything. Don't let your own mentality or fear stop you from doing somthing ^^
      Everyone was like *JAPAN I SOOO EXPENSIVE* No it wasent really :P
      I ate really good and healthy food for less than 1200 Yen (9dollars)
      There were fast food resturangs with Normal food  for around 600Yen (4.50 dollars) *Ticket Resturants*
      I ate 22 pices of Sushi for 1100 Yen on a Convyor belt Sushi house. (8.50 Dollars)
      Go to a Maid cafe and Robot resturang one time!!

    3. Core


      Awesome glad you had fun!

  6. I will be traveling to Japan tomorrow Bye guys! ;D

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    2. Timziito



      I will bring you anime! But first!
      Let me recommend Shirobako

    3. Wyvyrias


      Depending on my mood I will watch it after my current one or after the next 100 ones (or between).

    4. Timziito


      As long as you watch it before your death, then i will be happy :) It is really great! :)

  7. I am not expecting much ;D I am just expecting controlled Chaos. I will be staying 2 weeks in Sugamo, gonna eat and drink much ;D shop like crazy. Thinking about traveling to the Fox Village :). I think Tokyo would probly be the funniest place to explore, foods, shops, arcades, Slight unusual stores and more . In the eyes of the beholder on youtube Tokyo seems crazy, Morning trains, fun naked festivals and more ^^ ... So you are saying that not EVERYONE are running around in cosplay pikachu outfits?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :'( But hey if you wanna grab a beer some day
  8. WTF did i just watch? ;D so much awesome in one video.. cant handle it..
  9. Dude... This post A+ daaaamn son, this is great Info I orderd an Simcard from Econnect japan somthing to my hotel. will be living in Sugamo. Sugamo station is on the Yamanote line
  10. I am not going to travel all over Japan, i will only be in tokyo the first time ;D
  11. Hai guys! I am going to Tokyo in 3 weeks, if anyone here has been to Tokyo please hook me up with some Tips ;D Best regards Tim
  12. It makes me really angry.. Stop Fanboying about AMD or Intel it dosent matter.. That really matter is than it was thx to AMD that Direct X12 got to the point it is today and the sad fact it that AMD do not say as it is.. that they can now be without Mantle to leave the main focus on Dx12 Mantle was the big stepstone to Dx12 and that is a fact. Nothing else matters, This is not an Hate post about AMD. People will always have diffrent experience about products. That doesent mean anything, so stop Fanboying in my post. And be greatful for what now is Dx 12 with alot less overheading.
  13. The highlight was forced :/ when i copy pasted, i have nooo idea how to remove it.
  14. AMD went out the other day saying they will "AMD has ceased Mantle optimisation" More or less meaning.. We have it, we wont take it away.. but it wont be worked on.. The situation then is that in discussing the performance results of the R9 Fury X with Mantle, AMD has confirmed that while they are not outright dropping Mantle support, they have ceased all further Mantle optimization. Of particular note, the Mantle driver has not been optimized at all for GCN 1.2, which includes not just R9 Fury X, but R9 285, R9 380, and the Carrizo APU as well. Mantle titles will probably still work on these products – and for the record we can’t get Civilization: Beyond Earth to play nicely with the R9 285 via Mantle – but performance is another matter. Mantle is essentially deprecated at this point, and while AMD isn’t going out of their way to break backwards compatibility they aren’t going to put resources into helping it either. The experiment that is Mantle has come to an end.
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