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  1. Ama

    Pole Dancer, checking in

    Welcome to SCB!
  2. Ama

    Star citizen broke for me

    Not sure, but I can tell you my loading times have doubled with the new patch. Still works though eventually.
  3. Ama

    Scott Manley Star Citizen Videos:

    Here's one from Scott Manley which goes into the details of why people spend thousands of dollars on internet spaceships. He also goes into various real money losses which have occurred involving said thousand dollar spaceships. Very interesting stuff! http://youtu.be/9NH8eLVkmqE
  4. Ama

    Excited? Yes please.

    Welcome to SCB!
  5. Looking forward to checking out the Asteroid Hangar and getting in some more flight time.

  6. Ama

    Been Lurking. Decided it's nice here.

    Welcome to SCB!
  7. Hello Ozylanthe, welcome to SCB!
  8. Ama

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to Imperium & SCB!
  9. Ama

    Hello my fellow citizens

    Welcome to Imperium & SCB!
  10. Ama

    Greetings fellow travelers

    Welcome to Imperium & SCB!
  11. I bought a Marine patch awhile back, got it in the mail, was Advocacy. So, point is, be aware if they run out they'll just throw whatever in there.
  12. Ama

    Constellation - Variants

    I like the images presented thus far. I'll like the images much more once they show Imperium Marines shooting holes into the couches on some sort of high stakes rescue effort.
  13. Ama

    Reporting in from Norway

    Welcome to the Base!