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  1. Turning 22 on the 20th of this month. woot

  2. seeing as the game is a account tied one good luck getting one that works
  3. creative assembly already officially announced they were working on this before Kotaku made this articular quite late, and they never bothered to do their research. Also should do research yourself before posting a articular
  4. I got to play a match of Call To Arms. Match started off with enemy pushing us hard. Me and the other guy made a come back, and trampled all over his units. We took control of the objectives, and held all of the in till the game ended. All in all it was a ton of fun


  5. This is a topic to discuss which one we enjoyed more, and why we enjoyed them more.
  6. If anyone would like to add my on War Thunder. My name in the game is CommissarWolf

  7. We debate our personal preference, and give reason why. The one rule of this debate is no making fun of people for their preference. You may just find people who enjoy the game you enjoy, and may end up playing together with more people from Imperium. My Preference is War Thunder because I enjoy it's research tree more. I also find great satisfaction that I took out a heavier tank by shooting into it's port holes. The planes feel a lot more fun in my opinion as well,
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