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  1. Same here, just checked the mail (received one hour ago) visited the store just to see everything is sold out.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Received my PTU invite yesterday and was driving away for Christmas
  4. I remember them saying months ago that they want to sell more merchandise including posters.
  5. I have that issue too, but it's caused by the theme. For example, if you switch your theme to SCB Old School the website is much wider and so is the reply window for PMs. SCB Light and SCB Dark are less wide and hence the reply window is too.
  6. Either Gallitin changed it already or you could try to clear your cache, because for me it is there and if you hover over "Browse" it opens a menu and there it is too
  7. Received the following error message: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 26536 bytes) in /home/starcit/public_html/forums/init.php on line 475 trying to open this topic: https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/17861-wealth-inequality-in-america/
  8. Actually the box gets bigger the more you write. Oddly my buttons are different. I don't have one for spoiler text or quotes, but I have buttons for text alignment
  9. Except Germany, where the USK gives ratings
  10. hm...Citizen's Union or short "CU" Citizens united, if union is a bit to...whatever it might be. Or 'Citizen('s) Universe ', to keep the acronym
  11. I still wonder what his intentions are...is it really just envy? Though if Star Citizen turns out great, or at least gets finished, why does he want to ruin it for the rest of us? He's got nothing more to lose, he got his (unwanted) refund. If it is vaporware and will never be finished, well that would suck, but I doubt all of the backers would get their money back. And what could he be jealous of, because Star Citizen is a better game and basically what he wanted to do for 30 years, but never accomplished? Well then the majority of the gaming industry could sue CIG. What disturbs me the most
  12. Still doing better than him I found a good advice for DS
  13. Nameless

    Complete Scythe

    Item has been sold.
  14. Nameless

    Complete Scythe

    I already received a pm and an invoice has been sent. Additionally I wouldn't be around at 6pm. Though I will let you no, if anything changes and if it's then still available
  15. Nameless

    Complete Scythe

    Fees are usually 4%, so that would be 728$
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