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  1. Hi guys I havent been around for a while as the game continues to develop onward. I caught up with some of the Org this week on TS and we threw around some ideas about ship worth in regards to the new Endeavour. I put together some thoughts about value and donation
  2. Fhex has this trade been completed yet.
  3. Hi everyone, its been a long time since I made any new SC content. I now feel its a good time to be getting back on board so expect more from me. Looking forward to a lot of the new updates changes and possibilities coming in to the second half of this year.
  4. Latest video, showcasing all the hangars and a tour of the Con Phoenix https://youtu.be/SIpNwK7v2JU
  5. Read through all this and everyones said all there is to say on the matter. What I will add is that those people who repurchased second hand LTI because they believed it would be an exceptionally good deal its not a bad thing to hedge your bets, however its definitely got to be worth taking time when youre considering any sort of purchase for a system that has barely been properly defined its essentially a huge gamble. I feel semi bad for anyone who spent out large cash on a ship with LTI when now it appears that insurance is going to be a formality of an expense but on the other hand thats how things can turn out when you gamble. But everyone makes their own judgements its down to the individual what they want to spend their money on. I actually believe that insurance should not be such an inconsequential expense because whilst of course the game wants to be fun playable and not miserable you also want there to be real consequences and considerations for people when engaging combat etc etc. I think I will be interested to see where insurance goes and if any changes come to it negative or positive
  6. New video today guys taking a tour of the Origin M50
  7. Welcome aboard mate I think my first confirmed recruit from my videos
  8. Here because of you... Tired of many people just dont ptfo on bf4. Hope things here will be diferent. Regards

  9. Thanks guys looking to have some stuff coming your way very soon and of course my youtube channel always
  10. yes the next patch for AC will hopefully resolve a lot of problems. I think its obvious that you should never be getting one shot by a ship of comparable size it just doesnt make much sense unless you had a critical shield failure or something on those lines. I dont want to rant about it too much because I dont think its an issue that will go beyond the next patch. So yeah.
  11. I sincerely hope the hornet becomes more survivable getting one shot killed by the 300i with its Omisky cannons is getting really old really fast
  12. Luetin


    Hey everyone. interesting discuss so far I am planning to make a video talking around and showcasing the Gladius as we see it so far. If anyone has any particularly strong opinions they think would be good for me to put forward in through this please feel free to reply to this post and I will include them as part of my overview of the ship. I think a couple of the biggest questions people want to know right now have to be what place will the ship have in the current combat ship tier, is it worth an early purchase, and if people already have combat loadouts will this be something to compliment these or simply replace them. I think its always tempting to pickup the shiny new ships but I am keeping in mind that my primary focus will be trade. So it makes more sense for me to hold out and wait for the transport and trade orientated ships thoughts always appreciated
  13. ok good to know I will hold on for now then. The Aurora is more capable than you would think, although it does bring me onto a separate topic which I will bring up on another thread and video.
  14. Another two new videos the Hangar and the overpower of the 300i Omnisky
  15. Is the Gladius Hangar ready currently or is it much like the Xi'an
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