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  1. I am not sure. My memories of what all the carrack is supposed to come with are hazy at this point.
  2. I have decided to sell many of my ships and/or Star Citizen items. I still love watching the progress of Star Citizen, but if I had my priorities in order I would have been remarried by now. I still plan to join you men and women in the verse, but with a reduced fleet size. That being said, here is what is available: Estate Land Claim Parcels (8kmx8km) $150 is what someone offered for one of them on reddit, I have 9 left so far. Original Concept Ships all with LTI: Hull E - $670 Polaris - $820 Dragonfly Yellow Jacket - $55 Nox 2 Pack (containing 1 Nox and 1 Nox Kue) - $90 600i Combo Pack (containing both exploration and touring variants) {Melt value 670 because I used a 20% off coupon} - $835 Prospector - $140 Pioneer - $925 Hammerhead - $725 Nova Tank (affectionately known as the tonk) - $109 Vulcan Warbond - $210 Mercury Star Runner Warbond - $258 CCUed Ships all with LTI: Super Hornet - $195 2 seperate Orions - $405 each Cutlass Black - $121 Hull A - $67 Hull B - $105 Cutlass Red - $135 Hull D - $363 Herald - $101
  3. Welcome. I actually don't have any of those ships at the moment.
  4. I didn't pick up any ships this Anniversary sale. Still happy that a lot of people had some fun.
  5. If you check M's post here :Master Set They are selling an LTI endeavor master set for $1,250
  6. Ok, I admit I really loved the fire all the missiles one. Thanks for sharing Grizz!
  7. I have 1 Pioneer and 10 Estate Land claims, so I have 11 8x8 km squares I have to fill before I run out of things for a Pioneer to do for just me. I have no idea how hard it will be to get one over the other once the verse goes live..
  8. Either that or a turd is being polished. I kid I kid.
  9. I am glad I didn't sell my Polaris to get a Hammerhead. I have both as well 🤗Sadly I am looking at buying a home now, so I will be keeping what I have, but probably not adding to it. Good luck to all you well off people over the coming months. I hope there is much excitement for you. I am pleased at what I have been seeing/hearing about the Hammerhead lately.
  10. Rhehaud180


    A man of no words. Even harder to argue with than a man of few words. Welcome
  11. The night of CitizenCon will be my last night in the city as I will be there the night before for Bar Citizen.
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