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  1. Rhehaud180

    Want to Trade where to report scammers ?

    I am sorry to hear that you were scammed.
  2. Rhehaud180

    Want to Buy endeavor modules and packs - lti

    If you check M's post here :Master Set They are selling an LTI endeavor master set for $1,250
  3. Rhehaud180

    Hammerhead - Corvette Anti-fighter

    Ok, I admit I really loved the fire all the missiles one. Thanks for sharing Grizz!
  4. Rhehaud180

    Hello I'm Wizold! :)

  5. I have 1 Pioneer and 10 Estate Land claims, so I have 11 8x8 km squares I have to fill before I run out of things for a Pioneer to do for just me. I have no idea how hard it will be to get one over the other once the verse goes live..
  6. Rhehaud180

    Hammerhead - Corvette Anti-fighter

    Either that or a turd is being polished. I kid I kid.
  7. Rhehaud180

    Hammerhead - Corvette Anti-fighter

    I am glad I didn't sell my Polaris to get a Hammerhead. I have both as well 🤗Sadly I am looking at buying a home now, so I will be keeping what I have, but probably not adding to it. Good luck to all you well off people over the coming months. I hope there is much excitement for you. I am pleased at what I have been seeing/hearing about the Hammerhead lately.
  8. Rhehaud180


    A man of no words. Even harder to argue with than a man of few words. Welcome
  9. Rhehaud180

    citizencon austin

    The night of CitizenCon will be my last night in the city as I will be there the night before for Bar Citizen.
  10. Rhehaud180

    Hi, I'm supernew!

    Hi and welcome I am super old. I am younger than you, but I have been following this game since 2012. I know exactly where my money is, but I am not allowed to touch it or I buy more ships 😕
  11. Had fun playing with you today. Hope to see you again. Fly safe.
  12. Rhehaud180

    citizencon austin

    I am going to the Bar Citizen and CitizenCon as well. I bought tickets recently.
  13. Rhehaud180

    Account locked because of suspicious gifting?

    I have dabbled in the gray market on Reddit as well. So far only one minor issue (someone screenshotted a code I purchased -which meant anyone could use it. Ask me how that turned out.) Anyway one thing I can mention is that some sellers buy RSI credits from someone at a discount (distressed seller with goods that are more valuable at melt value than normal market value). Then they upgrade ships. Sometimes even reputable sellers end up with CCUed LTI ships that "bounce" as it were and you have to work with them for a refund or a replacement. I would opt for a refund over a replacement just in case the second one "bounces" as well. This might put you past timelines for remediation. I would say I have spent more time in Star Citizen trades thread on reddit than SCB which is just sad. I have both bought and sold, but mainly I watch the market to see how CIG is doing. I also try to stay current on the latest scams.
  14. Rhehaud180

    Crusader Mercury Starrunner

    Added one to my fleet.
  15. Rhehaud180

    Eclipse vs Gladiator

    Maybe the fighter escort could be Hornet Ghosts?