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  1. This game is going to be so huuuuuge. I am glad I picked the constellation ship to go exploring with. Anyone else excited about this?
  2. I'm E-4 now, have been for a few years now =)
  3. My kinda music.
  4. I love anime, mostly Berserk and Black Lagoon.
  5. - What brought you to play EvE? My Swedish friends. - When did you start playing EvE? Last year. - Are you still living in New Eden? My character is soooo hot. Yet I'll probably leave once Star Citizen comes out. - How many accounts / characters do you have? 1, Alayana Fera - What corporation / alliance are you a member of? Karl's Dragoneer, Apocalypse Now - Favourite moment in New Eden? Our alliance is part of a coalition that owns Providence.
  6. This talks about Ellis. A nice place to start a home base. Enjoy.
  7. Hej! Gott nytt år!
  8. I have pledged Rear Admiral with an RSI Constellation LTI. Looking to be a part of Imperium on Star Citizen.