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  1. Build help

    Also, don't forget one thing: servers are noisy as hell. There is a reason they are usually kept in a separate room. Don't even think about having one in your living room, unless you live alone and have REALLY good noise cancelling headphones. Gesendet von meinem E6653 mit Tapatalk
  2. In Germany we say: If you don't want - you will find reasons. If you do want - you will find ways. So, Smart does not want? short as from mobile
  3. Great idea - looking forward to that
  4. Um... okay. Looks like gaming industry salaries are way different from industrial salaries then. Here in Germany - for big software companies like SAP, Siemens etc - salaries of 100 000 to 120 000 EUR per year and software developer are pretty common. On top the company would have to spend social insurance, health insurance etc - 28% on average (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lohnnebenkosten), so we are talking 128 000 to 153 600 EUR. I would have assumed similar rates for top of the line game developers. I made a small spreadsheet - attached - with the following assumptions: for the sake of the argument: cost per employee per year 150 000 EUR (not everyone is a top developer, some office rent etc included as described by @trademogulnumber of employees has risen over time - first year 65 on average, second year 130, third year 195, fourth year (which just started) 260money taken in is linear (it's not, i know, but i am too lazy to check for actual numbers)Under these assumptions we dont have to fear anything, cashflow is positive till at least 12/2016. Feel free to correct me or input more accurate data Kostendeckung.xlsx
  5. Returned my car yesterday - I live so close to work now that I can't justify having one [emoji22] short as from mobile
  6. https://youtu.be/g25qqbOAgBA Check for yourself. Sorry, too drunk right now to write in detail. Deidesheim Kerwe, for all of you Palatinate Germans ^^ short as from mobile
  7. Jingles claims there will be a new mode next patch that tries to rank people by skill. Basically everyone starts at rank 25. If you win a game, your rank will go down. If you loose, your rank goes up. Matchmaker will try to match people by rank. Only one carrier, only two (?) battleships per side. Carriers will be forced to same level. Sounds good to me :D short as from mobile
  8. Very nice! If they had any jobs in my field that would make my day
  9. Porn for everyone playing KSP
  10. Yes, you can target with TrackIR. Some people complain that it is not accurate enough, but I honestly did not have the time to check in detail. I had quite a lot of trouble steering the ship however. The big deadzone of the kbm steering really kills me. This is why I hope for hotas.
  11. Yes, this one. I could not get my X55 running, so I had to use mkb. I'll be back from business trips & vacation in two weeks, so I will look into this again afterwards.
  12. If you want to see a noob flying around with TrackIR for the first time, search youtube for my channel, "Freddy Farnsworth". I uploaded a video last weekend that shows just that :b (And if anyone can tell me how to post a link from mobile, feel free...)
  13. Or just go to youtube and search for DCS / DCS Worls videos. Like on ralfidude's channel for example. THIS is as real and immersive as it gets.
  14. I made some short videos showing my hangars - I need faster internet For me, it will be really hard to decide between the Aeroview and the VFG Industrial hangar. Self Land: http://youtu.be/WSF4qTri3M0 Aeroview: http://youtu.be/LSBdkpDOzlo Revel & York: http://youtu.be/qVWNLxPJTYk VFG Industrial: http://youtu.be/Yf4zCGM0c0c
  15. I made a short video showing the exterior and interior of the Andromeda and the Taurus - although I think most people will have seen these ship a bazillion times on video already ,) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdEys8KQzLs