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  1. @Dragon-Knight I like yours a lot. I'd probably give it 9/10. It would be 10/10 if the crate said coffee instead of tea.
  2. Hell yeah Bundeswehr counts! Those guys are awesome!
  3. Aphex

    Got Bacon

    I see your bacon blanket and raise you baconhenge
  4. Germany barracks were awesome. At my first unit we had basically 1 bathroom for 30 or so dudes on a floor. That was fun, good thing I was just out of basic so I was pretty much used to it...
  5. This thread just started and we already have 2 tankers. Lord help us!
  6. Luetin, I'm really blown away by all of your work. Well done sir!
  7. 5 years US Army MOS 63A Abrams Tank Mechanic Buedingen, Germany - 1/1 Cavalry 05-07 Baumholder, Germany - 1/35 Armor 07-09
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