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  1. Aphex

    Rate the graphic signature above you

    @Dragon-Knight I like yours a lot. I'd probably give it 9/10. It would be 10/10 if the crate said coffee instead of tea.
  2. Aphex

    Are you brave? Do you have ballz?! Read this.

    sorry its in a spoiler thing now
  3. Aphex

    Origin Games Giveaway

  4. Aphex

    Hello from Texas

  5. Aphex

    Military Vets Rally Point

    Hell yeah Bundeswehr counts! Those guys are awesome!
  6. Aphex

    Hey all

  7. Aphex

    Got Bacon

    I see your bacon blanket and raise you baconhenge
  8. Aphex

    Military Vets Rally Point

    Germany barracks were awesome. At my first unit we had basically 1 bathroom for 30 or so dudes on a floor. That was fun, good thing I was just out of basic so I was pretty much used to it...
  9. Aphex

    Military Vets Rally Point

    This thread just started and we already have 2 tankers. Lord help us!
  10. Aphex

    Origin Games Giveaway

  11. Aphex

    Luetin Concept Art

    Luetin, I'm really blown away by all of your work. Well done sir!
  12. Aphex

    Military Vets Rally Point

    5 years US Army MOS 63A Abrams Tank Mechanic Buedingen, Germany - 1/1 Cavalry 05-07 Baumholder, Germany - 1/35 Armor 07-09