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    welcome to the download party
  2. currently running 3x200mm and 1x120mm fans plus cpu on liquid cooling. the reason I have this many fans due to gpu not on waterblock. if I keep my fan at 55%+ on gpu I can keep close to 60c and my bench mark for my 6950 is 3331. I was looking at 780 or 2x 770 but still not sure I want to see when next gen card gets a release date. once I decide I will add to liquid cooling and get a second 3x120mm radiator and pump. I want to make sure my cpu stays at current temps at idle 29c and oc to 5gz.. gpu is my current bottle neck so ill have to decide soon on what to do
  3. it will be much easier to decide once we can see some numbers to base this off. we will have to factor a few things also. self repair costs/fuel/ammunition % for escort + fuel/repair costs ( might have to consider ammunition costs ) % depending if there is a guild/organization economy ( we will have to help fund combat ops missions for territory to be in a safer zone for easier earnings ) of course we wont be 100% until we can get a feel for the economy and how organizations will fully work.
  4. yea I think I'm going to be waiting for next gen card and expand the liquid cooling system to it don't want to have a mini heater the 6950 I currently have runs horrible on hanger temperatures are to high. its time for my gpu to match my rig
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